Survivor: Cagayan - Power Rankings

Week 11

By Jim Van Nest

May 7, 2014

Come back, Slick!

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Hello good people! Survivor: Cagayan is winding down as only 3 episodes remain before someone wins this thing. We're down to 6 players and the divide between the "has a legit shot to win" and "has no shot to win" is becoming larger and larger. While I'm not thrilled with the choice of voting out Jefra (I think it was a wasted vote, when something bigger could have been done), from a viewing standpoint, it does keep Cagayan darling Spencer in the game and guarantees the last few episodes should be way more unpredictable.

1) Tony - Let's see, all that happened this week is that Tony found another idol, kept his Tyler Perry idol and took firm control of this game. I worry that the flip to dump Jefra may cost him in the end. First, he kept Spencer in the game and he's a much larger threat to win than Jefra. Second, he flipped on his alliance and that could end up costing him jury votes if Trish and Kass can't get over the betrayal. As it is, though, with only 6 people left and 2 idols in his pocket, how can anyone else but Tony be #1 in the Power Rankings?

2) Woo - Woo moves up to #2 this week as he is Tony's right hand man. I know the previews suggest Woo may turn on his boy, but don't believe the hype. These 2 are linked right now. I still think Woo has a very good shot to win the whole thing. If Tony keeps him around til the end, he could be a much more acceptable vote than Tony at the end. I still feel like Woo needs to make a move that can be completely attributed to him. It would be too easy to suggest that he has ridden coattails to be where he is right now and a big move could take that argument away.

3) Tasha - That's right, my home town girl is moving up the charts. I'm not sure she'll ever lose another immunity challenge. Also, Spencer gets all the heat in their little 2-person alliance and no one seems to consider Tash a threat. If 3 immunity wins in a row won't get their attention, I don't know what will. Tash has made some mistakes in the game, for sure. Not paying for a shot at the advantage was a BIG one. But she's played a super social game. Everyone likes her. And she's dominated the physical portion of the game. If this group ignores her for too long, she could swoop in and steal the money.


4) Spencer - Spencer moves up this week, as it seems that Tony may end up forced to stick with this group. However, Spencer is still seen as a huge threat to win this game. I don't think we've seen the last of him scrambling to remove that target from his back. Also, if Tash ever falters in a challenge, Spencer is always right there and could end up wearing that necklace a time or two before this game's over. Ultimately, I think Spencer can win this game, but I think he'll need some help to do it.

5) Trish - Trish is now firmly on the outside looking in with, seemingly, only Kass on her side. Even if Trish defies the odds and gets to the end, I don't think she has any votes on the jury now. Not with the fact that she'll be sharing that final Tribal with some combination of Tony/Woo/Tasha/Spencer. No one will vote for her over any of those people, so her game is pretty well done. Now, she's just playing for seeding, in my opinion.

6) Kass - Kass is toast. I've said all along she couldn't win this game and now I'm saying she's next to go. Previews would suggest that she's trying to orchestrate Tony's ouster. And we've seen that anyone trying to get rid of Tony usually goes home. And, oh by the way, he has 2 idols that will save him and help him decide who goes next. So, after almost a full season of mean spirited commentary and totally off the mark sarcasm, Kass should be taking the walk of shame this week and Ponderosa will instantly become less fun.

Is it me or does it seem weird that there are only 2 more Power Rankings before the finale? This season has flown by. So far, I've really enjoyed it. There have been multiple times I've gone to Tribal and still not been sure who was going home. Whether the play has been stellar or horrible is a matter I'm sure I could debate with people. But what I don't think is debatable is that the unpredictability of this season has made it much more interesting (and fun) to watch. Be sure to check back later this week for the Episode 11 recap. And as always, wanna let me know what you think? Follow and Tweet me: @vannestjc Til Thursday, take care!



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