The Amazing Race 24: All-Stars - Episode 8 Power Rankings

By Daron Aldridge

April 20, 2014

The Cowboys give their seal of approval to this week's rankings.

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Previously on the Amazing Race, John got another lesson in humility when they went from leading the teams when they touched down in Italy to being outrun by a very large basketball player. John & Jessica fared better this season but this Race and the stronger competition was just too much for them when it was all said and done. Arrivederci, Team Not-Quite-As-Boneheaded-As-I-Expected.

As we enter the back half of the season, let's look at my rankings at this point.

  1. Jet & Cord: Cowboys/The Lone Rangers. You shouldn't be surprised at this one. Despite the fact that the last leg was not their most shining moment, it still only put them in the middle of the pack as their worst placement this season. That has to count for something and, in my opinion, that "something" is a number one ranking. Plus, they still have an ace up their sleeves with the Express Pass, which has to be used on the next leg. So even if they are U-Turned, like we and they suspect they will be, one of the two Detour tasks will be just passed up. Excellent strategy to hold in to it this long and not just squander it because you got frustrated on a task, like so many others have done before them. Jet & Cord have proven they can bounce back from even worse finishes, excel at challenges and leg it out in a foot race. The last of which is why I give them the edge over...

  2. David & Connor: Father/Son (Team Murphy's Law). This duo is easily the most well-positioned and skilled parent/child team in the history of the show. No such team has ever won and I couldn't be happier if David & Connor were the first ones. They match the cowboys on task management, level-headedness and speed but this whole season has been a sprint to the mat each leg between at least two teams. And David just doesn't have the speed that the younger teams do, plus there's always the prevailing fear of blowing out another tendon. If they can separate from the pack heading into the final stretch, then they should win. But that's a big "if."

  3. Leo & Jamal: Afghanimals. What's a boy to do when two teams that he really disliked before the start have proven to be less aggravating? In the case of the next two teams, I just have to admit that I was wrong for assuming the worst about the worst (for the most part). First, the cousins have shown that not being enamored with another team is a very sound strategy. Without the burden of carrying their blonde alliance team like last season, Leo & Jamal have been all around better Racers. In particular, the dropping of manipulation and lying has raised their stock from a viewer POV. I did find it uncharacteristically helpful that they shared the Roadblock answer with two teams that were battling for last. What if one of them decided not to honor their agreement of not "finishing before" them? I think that they may still be Race starstruck and want to help their Race idols. Regardless, they have been doing well enough this time for me to out them ahead of...

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  5. Brendon & Rachel: Big Brother (Team Fetch). The entertainment value of these newlyweds may be the most shocking development this season. I was annoyed by this team during their time on Big Brother, but I loathed them on the Amazing Race. Real, true, deep disdain. So much so that their presence on this season almost made me take the entire season off from recapping. I am glad I didn't because then I would have missed the actual maturation of Brendon & Rachel. The fresh husband and wife are playing to each other's strengths and cover for their weaknesses. Add in a drought of bickering or tears and you have a team that still may end up in the final three.

  6. Flight Time & Big Easy: Globetrotters. Down to the last two teams, let's talk consistency. One of these has it and the other doesn't. The Globetrotters haven't dominated as predicted but they have shown a very clear grasp of needing only to best one team at a time. Unfortunately, that approach has kept them consistently at the back if the teams each leg. The fire in their bellies has emerged on the last leg or two and I hope that it's here to stay rather than too little, too late. Adding credibility to the latter assumption was Flight Time's continual, careless flubbing of the Roadblock last week. It was a lazy exercise in playing the game, which not only belies his ability but it very easily could've gotten them eliminated. The upside is that they recognize the need to harness the momentum and crack the top three.

  7. Jennifer & Caroline: Country singers. Wait...didn't they finish second last week on the actual leg? Yes they did but you know, how I pointed out the mediocre consistency of the basketball players? Well, inconsistency is a great word to describe how the ladies have performed. Erratic and dependent are a couple more. Their downs have been really down and their ups are misleading to the casual viewer because they should 100% credit their high placing finales to either David & Connor or the cowboys. It's smart to get others to do your work for you but it will come to a point where you will be on your own and then it'll get ugly for the girls. If you haven't noticed, the singers have been ping-ponging around the rankings and finishes all season. They are that team that is one bad move away from elimination.

There you have it. Let's see how it all shakes out this leg.



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