Survivor: Cagayan - Power Rankings

Week 8

By Jim Van Nest, Survivor Analyst

April 14, 2014

Which one of us do you think is more despised?

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Hello, good people! It's time once again for the BOP Survivor: Cagayan Power Rankings. Last week, LJ reclaimed the number one spot as Spencer lost the numbers when Kass swapped from the Aparri Alliance to the Solana alliance. With Kass's allegiance hanging in the balance, the Solana group kept her in the fold and my lowest ranked player from last week, Morgan, was sent to Ponderosa. With that in mind, I'm sticking with:

1) LJ - I've seen nothing that suggests LJ isn't in the best place on the show. He's now in an alliance that has a 6-3 advantage in the game. Looking within his own alliance, Kass and Tony have set themselves up to be the votes once it gets to that point. I'm sure his world could topple, but right now, LJ is on top.

2) Woo - I'm leaving Woo up at #2 this week. My boy Woo had a great week last week. He managed to work in "ninja stealth mode" and a Sonic the Hedgehog reference into the same confessional. That is amazing. I think Woo has put himself in an excellent position moving forward. He finds/steals the idol clue from Spencer and then shares with his alliance, so he's locked in with them. If Spencer and Tasha were to ever get the upper hand, I think they've shown that Woo will not be their target. Hang dai, brother Woo, hang dai!

3) Jefra - The top three remains unchanged as Jefra comes in at #3. As it is, I could very easily see LJ, Woo and Jefra as the final three. Jefra is a vote and she'll stick with whatever LJ wants to do. She is no threat to win anything, which makes her a fantastic person to take to the end. The only way she goes home soon is if they use her as a "she'll never get the idol, so let's send her home and avoid an idol being played" vote.

4) Tony - I keep dogging Tony and he keeps getting his way. So, here it is...I'm finally moving Tony up the Rankings. I still think he's playing too hard. I still think he's headed for a major fall. But he's like a Lannister. No matter what he does, it seems to work out for him. So, here ya go, Tony. You've moved up to #4. Make a good move this week and I might move you up higher!

5) Trish - Trish sticks around at #5 as she has started to fade into the background. When she's outspoken, she tends to bug people, so for her to fall into the background is the best case scenario for her, I think. While I have Tony ahead of her, I think he's a bigger target than Trish, so she should have a few votes to try to work out an end game strategy. I'm just not sure she has what it takes to make that end game strategy, which is why I have her middle of the pack for now.


6) Spencer - Yeah, he was #1 just two weeks ago, but Spencer has hit a run of bad luck that has sent him near the bottom of the pack this week. When he lost Kass, he took a huge hit to his game. He tried to get her back last week, but hopefully he realized that getting someone to flip at 10, where the best case scenario was a 5-5 tie, was a long shot, at best. He does have an idol, so he's safe for now. But the idol will only get him through one vote. His best case scenario is to be the last of his alliance standing. Then when they get to seven, he could potentially turn into a swing vote.

7) Jeremiah - An early target, I think people are realizing that Jeremiah isn't much of a threat in this game. He's big and strong but hasn't shown that he can win a challenge. He is down too far in the numbers to make a move. I really don't see a reason anyone would target Jeremiah at this point. Not when Spencer and Tasha are more dangerous.

8) Kass - I don't think Kass is the next to go home, but I think she's the only one on the island that has absolutely NO chance to win Survivor: Cagayan. No one on her Aparri alliance will give her a vote and no one on the Solana alliance has any plans to take her to the end. And even if they did, it would be as the biggest goat in the history of Survivor. I rarely say this about someone at this juncture of the game, but hear me now: There's no way Kass can or will win Survivor: Cagayan.

9) Tasha - As much as I hate to put my fellow St. Louisan at the bottom of the rankings, it's just not looking good for her. Spencer should be and probably is the main target of the power players, but his idol is pretty big here. That in mind, I think Tasha is the next most dangerous and will likely be the boot this week. I very much wish I could say I thought Kass was going home and Tasha would get three more days. I just don't think it's in the cards. An immunity win could save her, but I think that's about the only thing that will keep her in the game at this point. When you get back to The Lou, the first Schlafly is on me!

And that'll do it for this week's Power Rankings. If ever there was a week I was wrong, I hope it's this one. I really want to see Tasha stay in the game. Thanks for reading and as always, like 'em, don't like 'em...give me a holler on Twitter: @vannestjc. And keep your eyes peeled for this week's Survivor: Cagayan recap! ‘Til then, take care!



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