The Amazing Race 24: All-Stars
Episode 6 Power Rankings

By Daron Aldridge

March 30, 2014

Now it's getting fun for them.

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My rankings are starting to sound like a broken record. You see, young'uns, before your MP3s and compact discs, music was actually sold on a vinyl disc that if scratched would just repeat the same part over and over. Well, that's how my Race rankings have felt as of lately.

So the top teams remain on top and the rest...well...they continue to fill out the lower portion of the rankings nicely, especially since the lowest hanging fruit, like Margie & Luke, continues to be picked off.

Before we pick up where we left off and return to Sri Lanka, the homeland of the mercifully already eliminated Natalie & Nadiya, here's my rankings for the sixth episode.


  • David & Connor: Father/Son (Team Murphy's Law). And now for the aforementioned “top teams” that are basically a standing order for the season. This week, I am giving the slight edge and the top spot once again to David & Connor. Last week saw them continue their domination of tasks, both unfamiliar and familiar. Consider that two legs ago, they knocked out the bartending Detour quicker than anyone else and then in Sri Lanka, Connor did his inner sweatshop worker proud as he got finished as one of the first teams, which was enough to again make them the first team to see Phil. At this point, they are in uncharted Race territory for them since last time, they had self-eliminated by now. But their strength and skill over this and last season have shown it would be foolish to doubt their longevity on the Race, which is why I put them ahead of…

  • Jet & Cord: Cowboys/The Lone Rangers. I know…I know…these guys are still holding onto an Express Pass, which is a clear advantage. But given that the brothers haven’t even been in a position to consider needing to use it shows it will be more of a nice boost and not make-or-break for them. Like Team Murphy’s Law, they have conquered tasks well outside of their wheelhouse over and over, so I just see the Express Pass being used because they have to by a certain point. Also, like the father/son team, the Lone Rangers are five legs deep into the Race and haven’t shown any signs of frustration or cracking under pressure, even when Cord had to try the bamboo trampoline 47 times. The edge I give to David & Connor is somewhat rooted in my fear that when a U-Turn shows up, it will be easier for teams to assign it to the cowboys over the cancer-surviving father and son team that had to medically self-eliminate that time.

  • Flight Time & Big Easy: Globetrotters. Finally, the last leg showed more spark from these team mates. Did that spark result in a stellar finish? Sadly, no. But they, at least, seemed to want to be there. Because if they didn’t then the challenge of sewing a shirt that was about as foreign to Big Easy as shopping for clothes sized ‘Small’ would’ve been the one for them to quit on. Flight revived the big man’s spirit with his usual fun-loving, crowd-pleasing antics and it helped. This is one ranking that belies their track record this season and the audience goodwill they earned previously is still strong with me. Keep going Globetrotters, and stay alert because on your heels are…
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