The Amazing Race 24: All-Stars - Episode 5

The Amazing Race 24: All-Stars - Episode 5

By Daron Aldridge

March 24, 2014

I know! His bandana *is* stupid!

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The Amazing Race is usually an unpredictable affair but one thing is a given this week – thanks to last week’s non-elimination of Team Fetch, we are guaranteed an elimination this time. But even though that’s where the guarantees end, there are a couple of other scenarios that are pretty close to being assured this season.

Each week solidifies the fact that this season truly comes down to two teams: the brothers and the father/son team of David & Connor. The placement of who belongs at the top could easily be decided by a coin toss (hey, that’s how I filled out my NCAA bracket) because both of these teams have shown they are head and shoulders ahead of all the other teams.

Picking up at the scene of last week’s crime against the viewers (AKA the aforementioned non-elimination of Brendon & Rachel), Jet & Cord leave the mat in first and head to a travel agent to secure tickets on a flight from Malaysia to Sri Lanka. The boys explain that they take heed of the folly that befell Team Fetch last week when they slipped from first to last. It seems that the guys aren’t privy to the fact that the CBS Big Brother darlings weren’t eliminated.

Directly behind them is… unsurprisingly… the other favorite team, David & Connor. Team Murphy’s Law impressed us with their bartending skills last week but said skills probably won’t win them any points back at the tabernacle. Daddy Dave points out that this is the same leg in which they “self-eliminated” the last time and they have no intention of repeating history. May the Race gods continue to shine on you fellas.


The cowboys have gotten the flight that arrives in Sri Lanka at midnight and they pepper the travel agent with multiple chances to verify that this is indeed the earliest flight. She points out that one other flight gets in a bit earlier but it has a connection with only 30 minutes between. The brothers wisely opt for the direct option. David & Connor follow suit and are now on the same flight.

Now that we know the two viable flight options ahead for teams (one safe and the other risky), it’s time for a cavalcade of teams leaving the mat and heading to the airport or travel agency. The Afghanimals bypass the agency and head to the ticket counter directly at the suggestion of their driver. Does this spell disaster for them? Nope. They are on the same flight. One-by-one, every team, except Margie & Luke and Brendon & Rachel are ticketed for the midnight flight to the homeland of the mercifully eliminated Natalie & Nadiaya.

It seems a bit convenient that they would have this be a destination on a season when one season actually hails from the country. Maybe the twins were Team Fetch Jr. but they self-destructed despite CBS’ attempts to help them out.

The only question marks that remain travel-wise are which flight the last two teams will get. Margie & Luke drew the short straw on cabbies because despite their request to go to the designated travel agent, their driver is lost. They just ask to be taken directly to the airport. During that time, Brendon & Rachel have arrived at the agency and are hashing out their options. The midnight flight has no more seats and the agent advises against standby listing.

Despite the persuasive efforts of another agent to convince them that a 30-minute connection is too close of a call, the newlyweds decide to gamble on the connecting flight. I admit that given their placement and the impending Speed Bump, I probably would’ve taken the same chance.

Margie & Luke, on the other hand, opt for the standby list on the midnight flight with Margie even grilling the ticket agent about the odds of people not showing up at the gate even though they have already “checked in.” They take that gamble and it doesn’t look good for them.

Everyone is now at the airport and relaxing while they wait (except Margie & Luke, who don’t have a seat on a plane as of now), when the Globetrotters pass by Team Fetch. The guys are more than happy to be the ones to break the news to the others that Brendon & Rachel weren’t eliminated last leg. No one seems overly shocked at this news.

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