The Amazing Race 24: All-Stars
Episode 3 Power Rankings

By Daron Aldridge

March 9, 2014

Their belt buckles are as big as their heads.

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Two down and nine to go. Amazing Race teams, that is, and not necessarily episodes remaining.

Last week was a truly unique beast with essentially seven teams tying for first place. Okay, that's a bit of an exaggeration but when you have that many teams all gathered on the mat in front of Phil within a span of five minutes, then there isn't really a clear time advantage in how they finished.

Based on that, these rankings are more indicative of how they raced and what they have shown us the first legs.

Take a look.

1. Jet & Cord: Cowboys/The Lone Rangers. It may cursing the cowpokes but I feel like they deserve to be at the top. Yeah, they stumbled to last halfway through the leg by failing to understand the local man's direction but they blew through both the Roadblock and Detour. On top of that, the brothers were able to unload the second Express Pass to a team that was likely going to be eliminated, which ensured that it would be used immediately. That was their ideal situation for the Pass and Jennifer & Caroline's frustration and floundering at the Roadblock was perfect. The biggest obstacle the guys face is themselves and racing too well. As Flight pointed out last leg, they know the cowboys are strong and efficient racers. That's just foreshadowing of a U-Turn if they aren't careful.


2. Flight Time & Big Easy: Globetrotters. My faith in these fellas is high and shouldn't be undermined but the mid level finishes so far, especially this week's with so many teams on. They do need to start pulling some tricks out of their bag that made them excel at the Race twice before. While we haven't seen anything magical yet from Flight and Easy, we know it's in them. Tap into your inner competitor, but don't let it take away from your outer/innate crowd pleaser. Still in the top but behind Jet & Cord now in my ranking.

3. David & Connor: Father/Son (aka Team Murphy's Law). Continuing on my path of predictability in my predications, we have the unlucky duo of David & Connor. Luck has still been favorable for them this season but it was the around this time that David's leg gave out in him so anything at this point is already more injury-free than their last attempt. On this last episode, David shined at the "Christmas Eve" Roadblock assembly task. Between him, Mark and Margie blazing through the task, the Race finally had a challenge that was more tailored for parents. I stand by my assessment of this team from the first season, where I pegged them to go the end. Without a medical situation to interfere, there's no reason to think that they can't make it to the end this time.

4. Brendon & Rachel: Big Brother (aka Team Fetch). Time for a trio of surprises from last week. Surprise #1: With every fiber of my being I dreaded the return of this team but they haven't even bothered me yet this season. Granted, it's still really early, but let's celebrate little victories in life. On the Race front, they have been solid and actually got first for the first time last leg. They will likely be sticking around; so let's hope their newfound non-annoying outlook sticks around as well.

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