The Amazing Race 24: All-Stars - Episode 2

The Amazing Race 24: All-Stars - Episode 2

By Daron Aldridge

March 4, 2014

Poor Bopper.

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Normally, I am not a fan of the "Previously on The Amazing Race" bit at the start of every episode but this week’s was welcomed. I relished the chance to relive the implosion of Natalie & Nadiya. It was happily one final time to hear them yell at each other and call the other one “IDIOT!” knowing that it would be the last time this season.

Heading into leg two, here’s how I ranked the teams:

  1. Globetrotters Flight Time & Big Easy

  2. Team Murphy’s Law David & Connor (Father/Son)

  3. The Lone Rangers Jet & Cord

  4. Big Brother’s Team Fetch Brendon & Rachel

  5. Aghanimals/cousins Leo & Jamal

  6. Engaged Team Oy Vey John & Jessica

  7. Mom/son Margie & Luke

  8. New Kentucky Mark & Mallory

  9. Country singers Jennifer & Caroline

  10. YouTubers Joey & Meghan

Checking in on the starting mat in Guangzhou, China, we have the cowboys leaving in first with their pockets a bit fatter from the two newly acquired Express Passes. Jet explains that they are happy to have their own Pass but don’t like the idea of giving another team an advantage. They rip into the first clue and it looks like the teams are hanging around Guangzhou for this leg. You know what that means…a very fast-paced leg with no lulls because of transportation waiting.

The clue points the boys to Chen Clan Academy, which prompts them to ask a local for directions. Hello, language barrier. In attempts to find out whether they should walk, take a cab or the subway, Jet & Cord misunderstand the man telling them it was "50 minutes" on foot. They think he said 15 minutes and start hoofing it. Oops. Given that one-by-one the teams leave the mat all within an hour, this could spell disaster for the guys.


To add insult to injury, the Lone Rangers are alone in their mistake as the others either take a cab or the subway with the subway being the most direct route.

Of the departure interviews, the most notable comments come from Leo & Jamal. The cousins leave right before New Kentucky and admit that they are happy to help them out because of Bopper. They explain as fans of the show and both the Kentucky teams, specifically, that they have no problem teaming up with them. It’s an interesting new dynamic for the Afghanimals who were very self-absorbed when not distracted by the Ice Girls on their last season. It actually makes me like them a bit.

The first ones to arrive at the academy are Brendon & Rachel, who are surprised that they haven’t seen the cowboys yet. But they are soon joined by David & Connor. At the academy, the teams have to watch a martial arts demonstration, which concludes with the "master" stamping the name/location of their next task on each team member’s forehead. Since only one team at a time can get their clue/stamp, Team Murphy’s Law has to just wait.

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