The Amazing Race 24: All-Stars Preview

The Amazing Race 24: All-Stars Preview

By Daron Aldridge

February 23, 2014

There are an awful lot of awful people in this photo.

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Welcome back, Race fans. It’s time for the third iteration of an All Stars season and the 24th season overall of the Amazing Race. It’s with deeply conflicted emotions that we dive into the season because a) Five of the 11 teams are ones that I actively disliked during their previous outings and never want to see on my TV again; and b) This means the odds are not in my favor that the final three is destined to consist of teams I like or tolerate.

But on the plus side, the handful…and I mean, very small handful…of teams I like are ones that I really liked. If you have read my recaps over the last few years, then you will already know which teams fall into which category.

Trying to put my team-favorability aside, here are my initial rankings for the season with some all new fresh-to-death nicknames.

1) Flight Time & Big Easy: Globetrotters (fourth place in Season 15 & 2nd place in Season 18) – Unashamedly, I put Flight and Easy at the top of my rankings. Yes, part of the reason is that they are entertaining and fun to watch on the Race both times before (so much for successfully ignoring my personal feelings toward a team). But I mainly choose them for this reason: of the three returning teams that appeared on more than one season, the Globetrotters are the only team to actually improve. There is no indication that they can’t build on their experience and continue to improve by maintaining their positive, fun-loving team dynamic. I think the guys are finally done being the Amazing Race equivalent of the Washington Generals.


2) David & Connor: Father/Son Cancer Survivors. (eighth place Season 22) – I had such high hopes for this parent/child combo when a Race-ending injury cut their run short the first go-round. Because of that unpleasantness and the curveballs life continues to throw at them, they shall be called Murphy’s Law. But perseverance is in these guys’ blood. Despite a ruptured Achilles and hobbling around on crutches, David & Connor stuck it out for an extra leg and that takes a ton of heart and sheer willpower. I'm happy to see them get another shot and IF they remain healthy and injury free, then they should be top three, which is where I put them last time. Sadly, the streak of no parent/child team winning will continue.

3) Leo & Jamal: Afghanimals (fourth place on season 23) – This one stings because the cousins were grating at every turn last season but did provide the epiphany of Dr. Nicole’s hypocrisy about playing honestly. They won’t be tied to their Race girlfriends this time around, which should work in their favor. That is, unless they try to Race "hook-up" with blonde singers Jennifer & Caroline. The guys clearly have a type, so this isn’t a stretch. Anyway, despite their fussin’ and feudin’ last season, they still fared pretty well on a consistent basis. They are also the only returning team from the most recent season; they have the freshest Race experience and momentum. (Personally, Chester & Ephraim (of the worst airplane luck in show history) really deserve another shot but that’s just my opinion.)

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