Survivor: Blood vs Water - Power Rankings

Episode 12

By Ben Willoughby

December 4, 2013

Finally! I'm at the top!

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Last week we saw everyone stuff up their game big-time, while being 100% convinced that they were all making the right decisions. Expect more of the same this week!

Here are the power rankings:

1. Gervase

Next Time on Survivor is fixing Gervase up to be the swing vote. Whether this is true or not, Gervase is pretty well-positioned no matter which way he decides to go, because everyone respects his game – even the people he has betrayed. If he sticks with Tyson and makes it to the end, he can play the “I was loyal to my true alliance, but I wasn’t the evil person who voted you out” card. If he decides to flip and vote out Tyson, at the end of the game he can convincingly argue “Hey, it’s Survivor, it’s a game and I beat you.”

Personally, I don’t think Gervase will flip, because that is the riskier move, and we haven’t seen Gervase take a lot of risk. But if he does flip, Gervase will have chosen his enemies in the game well – the ones who don’t take things personally. Anyway, Gervase probably has more choices available to him, which makes him #1.

2. Tyson

Did you get as tired at seeing Tyson at #1 on the rankings as I did? His stock took a hit last week – not because his planned final four shattered, because that was pretty much inevitable given he was the obvious vote-winner in front of a jury, but because he burned his hidden immunity idol. With the Tribal Council pressure all on Ciera and Caleb, it was something of a surprise when Tyson raised his hand, but in deleted scenes he talks a lot about not wanting to go home with an idol in his pocket. But now everyone knows he hasn’t got one, and he has to either win immunity or do something to ensure the numbers don’t align against him this week.

3. Hayden

For some reason people really like Hayden and want him to win, even though he hasn’t really done anything this season. Anyway, his push against Tyson came a cropper last week and Hayden was very fortunate that everyone thought Caleb was the bigger threat at the end of the game, but it looks like he will be having another go.


4. Monica

Monica’s focus has been on winning immunity challenges and staying out of trouble. Remember a few weeks back when the episodes were all about Monica over-strategizing and being a wild card? We haven’t seen any of that since the post-merge couples' Pagonging.

5. Ciera

It's common knowledge now that you can’t trust Ciera. Hayden and Katie certainly know that they cannot trust her. Tyson didn’t trust her enough to not play his idol. Everyone agrees that she’s a great liar, so no one is going to rely on her. Plus, Laura? is looking a pretty strong favorite to come back from Redemption Island some time. Other players will be sorely tempted to break up that pair before it gets a chance to reunite.

6. Katie

Katie is still having to wait around and take whatever is given to her.

On Redemption Island

1. Laura?

Laura? continues to own Redemption Island, not just by winning challenges but - as we saw last week - by choosing who she is going to compete against in the future. Laura? is never afraid to show how strong or determined she is, but when everyone wants to shut her out of the game that’s a fatal flaw.

2. Tina

Tina was headed for near-certain defeat at the last Redemption Island challenge, but Laura? wants her around. Hope for a puzzle challenge and a position next to Laura?, Tina.

3. Caleb

Does Caleb have the drive or passion to stay in the game? I don’t think so. I haven’t seen him show drive or passion for anything.

There are the power rankings for this week. Tune in tonight to see what the previews are already spoiling and come back tomorrow for the recap.



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