The Amazing Race 23: Episode 9

By Kim Hollis and David Mumpower

November 25, 2013

Did we find the Afghanimals creepy? Of course. They kept trying to smell our hair.

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For the first clue in this race, the teams are required to pick up two rams (not trucks but goats) and take them to a festival. Once the rams have butted heads, they will load them onto a truck and collect their next clue. Travis & Nicole are first to arrive, followed by Ally & Ashley. Both of these two teams make it through the task without incident and are directed to go to Rancaekek Station, where they will travel by train back to Bandung. Their clue will be on the train platform. Of the remaining teams, we have the Afghanimals, then Tim & Marie and finally Jason & Amy.

Travis & Nicole and Ally & Ashley are on the same train together, and are all kind of excited to be traveling together for the first time… that is, until Leo & Jamal arrive. The Afghanimals and the ice chicks high five each other when they realize that no other teams will be boarding the train.

Back at the goat area, Tim & Marie finish the task first but have their taxi break down, allowing Jason & Amy to get out ahead of them. Jason & Amy suggest that it’s karmic punishment for stealing their taxi earlier, but find out that that’s not the case when both teams have to wait for a second train that won’t leave for another hour.

At the Bandung train station, the Detour gives teams the option between serving an elaborate meal to the “treasured” Indonesian elephant or take birds to a singing competition. “For the Elephants” requires the teams to collect the proper ingredients, then go to a zoo and feed them. “For the Birds” has the teams picking up two Peach-faced Lovebirds from a market and take them to a competition arena and encourage the birds to sing. The Afghanimals choose the elephants, while Ally & Ashley and the doctors go with the birds.


Somehow, Ally & Ashley wind up at the zoo prematurely, but both Leo & Jamal and Travis & Nicole are where they’re supposed to be and starting their tasks. The hockey girls are looking for someone who speaks English, but they seem almost desperately lost. They finally figure out that they’ve gone to the wrong place, but worry that they’ve lost a significant amount of time.

Jason & Amy and Tim & Marie have finally boarded their train, but they’re both incredibly demoralized.

The doctors are really enjoying their bird competition, and are first to complete the detour when their happy little lovebirds break into song. It’s a wonderful, positive atmosphere and the energy in the crowd is incredibly uplifting. It was the perfect task for these two.

Their next clue directs them Saung Angklung Udjo, where new instructions await. Ally & Ashley wind up working on the elephant task despite having said they would do the bird detour earlier, and mention that they will keep their taxi around so that they can carry their fruit back to the zoo. Meanwhile, the Afghanimals are at the zoo and getting the food distributed.

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