Survivor: Blood vs Water - Power Rankings

Episode 10

By Ben Willoughby

November 20, 2013

Of course I would never betray you, mom. Don't be silly!

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Last week, Tina and Vytas were sent to join Aras on Redemption Island, meaning that only one returning winner has any chance of winning the game, and it’s a really slight one at that.

Here are the power rankings for this week.

1. Tyson

Tyson continues to lead the power rankings, with the Pagonging of Vytas and Tina going as planned and a hidden immunity idol surprise in his back pocket. I’d really like to see how he intends to control the next phase of the game, where his alliance will inevitably fracture.

2. Gervase

When this season began, I wasn’t quite sure what role Gervase would play but “voice of reason” was certainly not one of them. He’s always the one to say, “I understand where you’re coming from because when this happens to me, this is how I felt. But it’s a game.” And it’s working for him for two reasons – it deflates the drama at camp and helps keep everything calm, and if he makes it to the final three, everyone on the jury will be thinking “That Gervase understood what I was thinking, and he understands Survivor. Maybe I’ll vote for him.” He is winning this season’s award for “most improved returning Survivor” in a walk. Gervase makes me want to bring back Alphabet Strategy Sean to see what he can do now.

3. Ciera

Someone has to make a move against Tyson and Gervase sooner or later (or, just sooner), and Ciera is the one with the best opportunity. She has alliances with Hayden and Caleb, her former alliance with Katie can probably be easily mended as Katie has run out of other options, and she has a loved one who seems willing to go along with Ciera’s plans rather than play her own game. If she wanted to orchestrate a Tyson blind-side and put together a final five that gives her the best chance in front of the jury at the end of the game, this is the week to do it.

4. Hayden

There are two things we’ve been waiting for with Hayden. The first is for other players to wise up and realize that Hayden is a strong threat to win the game given his relative physical strength and his strategic and social game, as evidenced by his winning Big Brother. The second is for Hayden to actually do something. Anything. Because he really hasn’t done anything yet - physical, strategic or social.


5. Caleb

Invisible Caleb is still invisible.

6. Katie

Katie is without allies at the moment, and that has to change or she is out.

7. Monica

One of the themes of the season is how Monica is always paranoid and scrambling. Of course, she’s not wrong to be paranoid or scrambling because as was made clear at the last two Tribal Councils, she is without close alliances and stuck on the bottom of her group. But it still annoys and scares everyone left in the game and makes them want to vote her out.

I don’t see many options for Monica. She could stay with Tyson and Gervase, which would mean she either gets voted out or gets taken to the final three as a goat while shutting out the opportunity for the jury to vote for a loved one. Or she could flip to a new alliance that turns on Tyson and Gervase, but that wouldn’t change her “without close alliances and stuck on the bottom of her group” situation.

8. Laura?

As full of hyperactive suggestions for Ciera as she is, Laura? is pretty much playing for her daughter these days. That may (or may not) keep her in the game, but it keeps her out of the decision-making.

Redemption Island

1. Aras

Aras is really only in the top spot because of his positive mental attitude. But that helps a lot at Redemption Island.

2. Vytas

Vytas really wants to beat his brother, and while he mightn’t be able to beat him by actually winning Survivor, he can still beat him by winning Redemption Island and eliminating Aras to re-enter the game. That’s pretty much his motivation at the moment. However, after Tina arrived on Redemption Island, he gave a cocky interview about he and Aras would be sure to send her packing back to the Ponderosa. That spells doom for Vytas.

3. Tina

Tina comes into Redemption Island after absolutely sucking at physical challenges all season. However, the Redemption Island challenges haven’t exactly been rewarding strength and Tina has been moderately successful at puzzle challenges, so don’t count her out.

There are the power rankings for this week. Tune in Wednesday to see whether Ciera will commit the Survivor equivalent of matricide, and come back Thursday for the recap.



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