The Amazing Race 23: Episode 7 Power Rankings

By Daron Aldridge

November 10, 2013

The doctors celebrate being on top of the power rankings yet again.

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If you were shocked by last week's elimination of Okies Tim & Danny, then you haven't been paying attention this season. They didn't stand a chance to win but held on for longer than anyone (i.e. Me) predicted.

Speaking of unsurprising things, let's scope out my rankings this week:

1. Travis & Nicole: Mr. & Mrs. Dr.. And with another strong leg and still with an ace up their sleeve, the doctors top my rankings. Please, someone try to tell me this isn't justified. They are consistent on the right end of things...the front of the pack. Last week, the side trip to the Fast Forward put them back a little bit and the other teams should've capitalized on the opportunity to unseat them. As the most competent singer at the Roadblock, Travis secured their lead and first place again. I just hope any level of confidence in themselves doesn't morph into arrogance and mistakes, like an unused Express Pass. This is their race to lose and I really hope they don't accept that as a challenge. Stay focused and keep on doing what you're doing, good doctors.


2. Nicky & Kim: MLB Wives. I have refrained from making baseball metaphors and puns for this team (for the most part) but the ladies once again showed that they just might be ready to make a run for the pennant. My thoughts on this team have risen and fallen over the season as much as my fruitless expectations of the Texas Rangers. I think they will be a strong team before it starts, then they both have emotional fits on three separate legs, then they blow past the Pose as Neptune Detour and them last week they benefited from the charitable Roadblock completion for Nicky's subpar singing. I can only think that the choirmaster didn't want to sit through another audio assault. So at least right now they are on the upswing of expectations so I think they may have the manic fits out of their system.

3. Tim & Marie: Bitter Exes.. Because nice guys finish last and evil sometimes wins. That's about all I can think to justify Marie's success here and the failure of the Okies. It's just a reality that I must accept as a fan/student of the Race there will always be a team I dislike that makes it to the end: from the recent Brendan & Rachel to the early days of Zach & Flo. It's a hard pill for me to swallow, but they so seem to do well enough to stay ahead of others and that's good for third this season in my mind. Moves of questionable ethics but within the rules of the Race are Marie's MO, but god forbid someone ignores her "stay in the order we arrived" mandate.

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