Survivor: Blood vs. Water - Power Rankings

Week 7

By Ben Willoughby

October 29, 2013

I cannot wait to betray you in this game.

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I can’t believe we are six Tribal Councils and one quit into the game, yet there are still 14 people that I have to write about. Time for a double elimination, Probst! Here are the first power rankings of the season.


Tadhana is a problematic tribe to assess, let alone predict, because there isn’t a completely clueless one in the bunch. I’m not saying “what a tribe of geniuses”, but even though there have been some bone-headed mistakes (“sure, I’ll share the hidden immunity idol clues with you new people to the tribe”) everyone on it has at least passed Survivor 101 and is well into an intermediate course. That’s highly unusual in Survivor. Possibly even unprecedented.

Tadhana is also evenly divided between three original Tadhana players and three Galang players, which should make for an interesting dynamic. “Three against three! But will someone flip? Or will they go to rocks?” However, Tadhana is by far the stronger physical team and is no slouch in the puzzle-solving department either, so “which Tadhana will be voted out at Tribal Council?” is probably a theoretical question.

1. Aras

Aras is the person everyone is talking about getting rid of, and they all want to get rid of him because they see him as their biggest threat. He is an easy #1 for this tribe. Cue Vytas complaining about “the golden child.”


2. Tyson

Tyson is the one pushing most enthusiastically to get rid of Aras. Personally though, I think his timing is off. First, come the merge everyone is going to want to get rid of Aras anyway. Secondly, by getting rid of Aras, Tyson is setting himself up as *the* person to beat, and there’s a lot of game left. Thirdly, I think Hayden and Caleb in particular already see Tyson as a big threat, and they may like their chances better with Aras. Fourthly, I have to believe the coconut-stealing plot thread is a Chekhov’s gun that will go off some day.

3. Gervase

Gervase is playing a quiet strategy, making it ahead one day at a time, keeping an eye on the distant future and staying out of the target sights. I think he actually has spent the last 13 years watching and studying the game. We’ll see eventually if it has made him any good at it.

4. Ciera

I feel the same way about Ciera as Vytas does. Her experiences on the original Tadhana tribe have helped her to grow from the Survivor equivalent of Downton Abbey’s Daisy into someone who is confident at playing the game, even if she sucks at every challenge there is. As the only woman on her tribe, Ciera is an obvious outsider, but she is not an obvious threat to be targeted.

5. Hayden

Hayden’s a potential threat in the future, but for the moment people are looking at other targets. Hayden needs to lay low, be nice to everyone and help his tribe win challenges.

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