The Amazing Race 23: Episode 5

By Daron Aldridge

October 28, 2013

This forces us to reevaluate all our life choices. I'm going to go home and shave.

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Close your eyes and imagine Phil saying, “Previously on The Amazing Race.” Brandon & Adam were in first place at the Viking Longhouse receiving news that the leg was far from over. The pseudo-Pitstop was not the real cliffhanger they left us with last week. That was the ultimatum that Drs. Travis & Nicole threw down to Exes Tim & Marie: “Give us the Express Pass and then we will give you the name of the next location!”

Before we get to how that shakes out, here’s a reminder of my last power rankings at the proper start of this leg:

1. Drs. Travis & Nicole
2. New Englanders Jason & Amy
3. Bearded friends Brandon & Adam
4. Baseball wives Nicky & Kim
5. Team Okies Tim & Danny
6. Exes Tim & Marie
7. LA Kings Ice girls Ally & Ashley
8. Afghanimals/cousins Leo & Jamal

Rightfully picking up right where we left off, the doctors await an answer from the hesitant exes, who quickly debate the choice. Surprisingly, Ex-Tim wins the argument to give the pass to them because they are really that lost. In Marie’s mind, she doesn’t think it’s that horrible of a decision because she thinks they only have one leg left to give it away anyway. So, for all her bluster and posturing that she’s “in charge of the Express Pass,” it was Tim that made the final decision.


So, the team that cheated themselves out the Express Pass on the first leg has strategically ended up with it after all. This gameplay is just one of the reasons why I still think that Travis & Nicole are one of…if not THE…team to beat. With the pass promised to them, Travis gives them the name of the location.

While this bartering takes place, Bostonians Jason & Amy have met up with Phil and get sent on their way. The next destination is Poland, which they must reach via a long boat ride and then a flight. And I do mean a LOOOOONNNGGG boat ride, as in 34-hours. Yup…nearly a day-and-a-half on a boat out of Norway.

As Brandon & Adam are the first ones to arrive at the dock, they get the news that it doesn’t leave until 8:30 p.m. and it’s in the early morning hours currently. Welcome to the bunching. One-by-one (and in inconsequential order), the teams are redirected by Phil to keep racing. Clearly, the ones most excited by this development are baseball wives Nicky & Kim, who are bounding with joy that it ain’t over for them yet.

The only highlight shown from this wholly uneventful boat ride is the settling-up of "Express Pass for information" by the doctors and exes. Together they agree to keep it a secret, which benefits them both because Marie thinks the other teams may still help them if they believe it’s still in play and the doctors don’t want anyone to know they have this advantage in their pocket.

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