The Amazing Race 23: Episode 3

The Amazing Race 23: Episode 3

By Daron Aldridge

October 14, 2013

I am really looking forward to the flight home! We might wind up on that island from Lost!

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The title of this leg is “King Arthur Style,” yet my U-verse description says it takes them to Portugal. There will either be a knight-like challenge or someone's geography/medieval lore knowledge is pretty off.

Before we find out which, here's my Power Ranking heading into this leg:

1. Jason & Amy: Dating New Englanders
2. Chester & Ephraim: Friends and former Houston Texans teammates
3. Travis & Nicole: Married ER doctors
4. Tim & Marie: Exes from New Jersey
5. Brandon & Adam: Friends and beard enthusiasts or Team Beardo
6. Ally & Ashley: Members of the LA Kings Ice Crew
7. Tim & Danny: Childhood friends from Oklahoma or Team Okies
8. Leo & Jamal: Cousins/Afghanimals
9. Nicky & Kim: Baseball wives

The last leg ended in a fairly dramatic fashion with the Afghanimals at each other's throats and the baseball wives (or the bunnies as they call themselves) in tears from the stress of the Race. Among other issues, that's partly why I put hem this low on the totem pole.

It's 6:27 p.m. in Santiago, Chile, and first place team Chester & Ephraim is ripping into the next clue. With an ultimate destination of Lisbon, Portugal, the guys head to a travel agent to secure tickets.

Just how far behind did the cab-paying snafu for Leo & Jamal put them? Twelve minutes. That’s a great reminder that editing on this show is everything, especially when they are wringing drama from a situation that isn’t as close as it appears during the broadcast. Anyway, the cousins seem to have rebounded (or regressed) to their old ways of hyperactivity and being very, very loud. The guys branch out on their own a bit by heading directly to the airport to secure tickets rather than the more popular travel agent route.


About 20 minutes later, Brandon & Adam are heading to the same travel agent as the NFL-ers. Said agency gets even more hairy (if that’s possible with Team Beardo on the premises) when Mr. & Mrs. Drs. Travis & Nicole show next. Each of the three teams is trying to suss out the earliest arrival time from their agent but one of them encounters a big, ol’ whoopsie.

Our friendly neighborhood bearded fellows ask the Drs. what arrival time they got, to which Travis tells them 7 a.m. through Sao Paulo. Chester & Ephraim overhear this and are perplexed because they were told by their agent; they had the last seats on that plane. Apparently, the agent actually booked them on the same flight for the FOLLOWING day and when she went back to switch it, as expected, the right flight is full. That sound you hear is the deflating chances of the former NFL-ers of surviving this leg or it could also be the horrible Houston fans that were cheering the injury of their own struggling quarterback Matt Schaub. Either way…this is shaping up to be a bad Sunday to be associated with the Texans.

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