Weekend Wrap-Up

Monsters and Zombies: Summer Box Office Style

By John Hamann

June 23, 2013

Is Sully playing soccer with Mike Wazowski as the ball?

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Finishing third is Warner Bros.’ Man of Steel, as it comes off a huge opening weekend where it earned $116.6 million over three days, and $128 million over four. The question was, with two big openers this weekend, how far would it fall? The answer was, "a lot." Man of Steel captured only $41.2 million, falling 65%. In terms of actual dollars, the latest Superman reboot fell $75.4 million weekend-to-weekend, $87.4 million with the Thursday 7 p.m. showings included. For perspective, the other three movies that debuted in the $115 million range are Alice in Wonderland, Spider-Man and Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End. Those three titles averaged a $54.8 million second weekend drop, with the largest being $70.5 million. Man of Steel is almost $5 million worse and clearly the most front-loaded of the three.

With summer movies now including a Thursday night preview, drop-offs are only getting bigger. Removing the $9 million it made from midnights last weekend, the opening weekend was really $107.6 million, which would make the drop a marginally better 62%. Note that this is still worse than any of the three films listed above. As great as the opening weekend headlines were for the Zack Snyder film, the second weekend news is just as grim.

Man of Steel crossed the $200 million mark on Sunday, and after only 11 days of release, it has already captured $210 million but the domestic prospects are shaky moving forward. It has yet to match its $225 million production budget stateside.


Fourth spot goes to This Is the End, the Seth Rogen and friends apocalyptic comedy. It proved to be great counter-programming again this weekend, as it earned $13 million and dropped 37% from last weekend’s three-day take of $20.7 million. With the crazy amount of dollars being spent at the box office, any hold above 50% for a second frame film must be considered impressive. The Sony release has now earned $57.9 million domestically against a $32 million budget, and is going to finish with $80-$90 million.

Fifth is Now You See Me, which continues to shine in its fourth weekend. After a $29.4 million opening, this smallish heist/magic film has seen drops of 35% and 42%. It continues that trend this weekend, as the Lionsgate release pulls in another $7.9 million and falls 29%. Now You See Me was once a film that I thought wouldn’t create a blip on the box office radar, but now has a gross of $94.5 million, and a chance to finish with as much as $125 million. It has also brought in $30 million overseas so far, all against a $75 million budget.

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