The Amazing Race: Power Rankings

The Amazing Race: Power Rankings

By Daron Aldridge

May 5, 2013

Barrels of fun.

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Look out on the horizon. It’s the end of another season of The Amazing Race and it’s bittersweet because once it is over, it’ll be sweet that I am no longer bitter about how "blah" this season was.

As I mentioned in the last recap, though, the last two legs have been exponentially more entertaining. Thank you to Germany and Scotland for being lively settings and providing unique (TV-friendly) challenges.

As we head into the finale, these final power rankings are virtually my predictions on how it will all turn out with two legs, one elimination and a new million dollar team awaiting. Here goes nothing:

1. Bates & Anthony: I know that I am a broken record at this point but I can’t deny their presence and ability (as of late) to burst ahead of a team that is neck-and-neck with them. I pegged these brothers to make it to third place when I gave my initial impressions back in February. Since the team I picked in first went home a few weeks ago with their unused Express Pass in their pocket and my second place pick took their dark cloud home with them and a ruptured Achilles, I feel very strongly that the hockey players will take home the prize. Week after week, Bates & Anthony have shown their actual strength, mental strength and strength as a team. The last leg in Scotland was a demonstration of all of those qualities, especially during the barrel rolling Detour. It doesn’t faze me that they got passed just before the Pit Stop because when it all shakes out tonight, I firmly believe that they will be in first, a million dollars richer and just ahead of…

2. Max & Katie: Ol’ Team Cape Fear has finally shown the viewers what they can do and has somewhat proven that they have a few of the skills necessary to warrant their air of superiority. I don’t know if it’s actually the absence of bickering or just edited that way, but the newlyweds haven’t been showcased as completely dysfunctional or resentful of each other the past couple episodes, which just means that I don’t mind them being on my TV as much as I used to. BUT they languished too far down the line over the course of the season for me to justify putting them ahead of Bates & Anthony. That being said, they have momentum going into the final two legs. I wouldn’t be surprised at all to see them ride that first place wave one more time into first on the second-to-last leg but be edged out by the brothers when the reward is a $1 million and not $20k.


3. Mona & Beth: The Sock ‘er Moms are the odd women out of the remaining teams. They are the lone remnants of the alliance with one-time frontrunners John & Jessica and never frontrunners Joey & Meghan. I think they will be a part of the final three for a few reasons. First, it is unlikely that the final three would be comprised of three teams that have been aligned and in cahoots for the majority of the Race. Second, they are a stronger couple of competitors than singers Caroline & Jennifer. Finally, I want to will it into existence because I put them as team number four in my pre-premiere picks. I had high hopes for them and they have scrapped together a decent showing but not stellar. But hey, if they get eliminated in the first hour then I was spot on about them ended up in fourth place overall.

4. Caroline & Jennifer: Here’s the team from the remaining alliance that is the most likely candidate to miss the final three. While Cape Fear has momentum and Team Slapshot has proven they can finish strong, this blonde duo has neither coming down to the wire. Case in point, Caroline was far and away the worst at the bagpipe Roadblock, which is not an isolated instance. They squeak by again and again and I think that when it counts, they will finally be stopped in last place at the mat. Bates & Anthony have carried this little showmance alliance as far as it can go. Hopefully, the brothers will see that it is time to cut ties and leave the girls and the other teams in the rearview.

It’s not just death and taxes that are certainties in life; there is also the inescapable truth that I am usually wrong with my predictions. So, this could very well be a total reversal of fortune situation with the singers winning it all and Bates & Anthony missing out on the final leg.

In a few hours, we shall see. Until then, enjoy your Sunday and don’t forget it’s one week until Mother’s Day.



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