Survivor: Caramoan Power Rankings

Episode 12

By Ben Willoughby

April 30, 2013

What is Reynold doing to Cochran, exactly?

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After an exciting few weeks, it looks like we are going to settle back into normality. Malcolm is gone and the former Stealthers will have to TCB re: Three Amigos. However, the producers are shaking things up this week with more hidden immunity idols and two Tribal Councils. They must be wanting to hurry this season along as much as we are.

Here are the power rankings for the week:

1. Cochran

Cochran’s behavior in the voting booth last week suggests that he is going to take all of the credit for voting off Malcolm. I don’t really blame him for celebrating, because who wouldn’t want to get rid of Malcolm? Anyway, while he obviously had a finger in that pie, so did Andrea. And probably Dawn. Maybe even Sherri. Yet he’s the only one we see talking about how glorious it all is. As we get closer to the end, Cochran is thinking more and more that he’s the one running the game and no one is targeting him at all.

2. Andrea

Last week was a good one for Andrea. She prevented Malcolm from getting a hidden immunity idol and his departure means that she shouldn’t be targeted at the vote for another couple of episodes while her alliance takes care of Three Amigos business. At least, in theory. There are eight players left and only two, maybe three of them can conceivably win. Will the others realize this in time? Probably not. I'm still waiting for a split between Andrea and Cochran.

3. Dawn

Dawn’s set-up as the fall guy for her alliance continues. Everyone playing the game loves Dawn, but she’s the person most directly responsible for those on the jury being on the jury, and everyone in her alliance is happy to leave her with the dirty hands.


4. Sherri

Sherri played both sides effectively last week. Or at least, better than Erik did, because she at least seems to be trusted by the people on her alliance. No one is saying “I can’t believe I’m putting my faith in Sherri, of all people”.

5. Brenda

We’re actually seeing more of Brenda these days. Unfortunately, not a lot of what we see is about her strategy in the game. We know she was on the wrong side of the first vote, and then played under the radar to get on the good side of Stealth R Us ever since. What we don’t know is how she sees the game unfolding now that the alliance she was cultivating with Phillip is wrecked. Well, except that it is “terrifying." That shows where she thinks she is.

6. Reynold

Reynold is down to one ally and zero immunity idols at this point, but he’s still a rank above Erik because of his innate optimism and his belief that he can still change up the game. I mean, obviously he won’t be able to, not really. But it means that he’ll still be trying, and trying means something.

7. Erik

I think Erik’s style of play is eventually going to burn him. He wants to be the swing vote, except that all the excitement of being the swing vote scares him. He won’t make a commitment to either side, when really what he should be doing is convincing both sides that he is utterly 100% committed to them. And he himself says that for big decisions he doesn’t know how he will vote until he is standing there in the voting booth. That doesn’t inspire confidence.

8. Eddie

Surely you know the drill by now.

So, tune in Wednesday to see 25% of the remaining castaways get booted and then come back tomorrow for the recap.



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