The Amazing Race: Episode 10

The Amazing Race: Episode 10

By Daron Aldridge

April 29, 2013

We dislike them so much we deleted our YouTube bookmark.

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Welcome back. The previews for this episode promise a colossal time advantage for two teams at the airport and that a double U-Turn that will determine the fates of two teams. Let’s dive right into the penultimate leg of the Amazing Race 22 to see if the previews told the truth (Hint: They probably didn’t).

After a recap of the previous leg and letting Ford pay the bills for this episode thanks to Phil mentioning their new model of car approximately 38 times in the first two minutes of the show, Max & Katie leave the mat at 2:02 a.m. for Edinburgh, Scotland. Specifically, the teams must drive themselves to Gosford House once they arrive in Scotland.

The newlyweds acknowledge their alliance with Caroline & Jennifer and Bates & Anthony but that they are in it for themselves (as they should be). Then we get a bit of that old Cape Fear humility with Max comparing them to a hot team going into the playoffs and Katie explaining that the million dollars is just dangling there in front of them waiting to be grabbed. Oh yeah…the aforementioned U-Turn is announced in the first clue but appears to have made little impact on the couple.

On the other hand, when Joey & Meghan leave the mat at 2:49 a.m., Joey’s eyes about pop out of his face at the looming prospect of a U-Turn. It’s with good reason, though, since the last time they were on the receiving end of a U-Turn that nearly knocked them out of the Race.


Caroline & Jennifer leave nearly an hour later at 3:44 a.m. and giddily say that if it is a battle for last, they will U-Turn their Race boyfriends Bates & Anthony. I don’t know if they will have the guts to do it or have the opportunity, honestly.

Team YouTube and the singers find a deserted and closed airport, which shouldn’t surprise anyone since it is in the middle of the night. Meghan spies on the big board a flight that gets in around 1 p.m. but what none of them spot is Team Cape Fear. Why? Because they stopped at a hotel on the way to the airport to research flights, like any rational team would do if they had already been in similar flight situations eight or nine times before over the last few weeks. Katie has pinpointed a flight that arrives at 10:40 a.m. and they are now heading to the airport.

At 4:20 a.m., Bates & Anthony are off the mat with the $1 given to them on this leg and heading to meet up with the other teams. The brothers acknowledge that their alliance has marked YouTube and the Sock ‘er Moms for U-Turn if given the chance. But the moms, who leave a minute later, are happy that the threatening team of Bates & Anthony is at the back of the pack with them, so hopefully they would be the U-Turn target instead of the roller derby mothers.

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