The Amazing Race: Power Rankings

The Amazing Race: Power Rankings

By Daron Aldridge

April 28, 2013

This edition of the Amazing Race brought to you by the letter O and the number 9.

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I know what you’re thinking: “Great, last week was a non-elimination…blah blah blah. Daron hates non-eliminations.” Yes, I do, but last week’s non-elimination was notable to me for two reasons.

First, it underscored a main problem I have with non-eliminations. It robbed the show of what could’ve have been one of the best/most dramatic finishes with Bates & Anthony literally outracing Mona & Beth to the mat. But since there was no elimination, the drama was for naught. Second, the fact that a team is now facing a Speed Bump this late in the game has altered my rankings and said team suffers.

Here we go again heading into the final legs of season 22.

1. Bates & Anthony: Yup, despite the narrow finish and the stumble on the last leg, I am still of the opinion that our hockey bros here are the team to beat. Last week showed us that even in this mixed bag of misfit teams; Team Slapshot is not infallible but still easily the best team. In fact, it could be argued that the brothers nearly defeated themselves by damaging their letter and having to switch Detour options in a very tight leg to begin with. All it will take is the inevitable bunching of the teams at the airport to put them back in first place contention, which they should easily claim.

2. Max & Katie: As much as it pains me, Team Cape Fear proved themselves more than any other leg. I don’t know if they are just late bloomers or if they are just the best of the "worst" (meaning the majority of the other teams left). The newlyweds worked well and curbed their bickering for the most part, which is exactly what they needed to do in a leg so close that one error could knock you into last (see Mona & Beth). I finally will give Max & Katie the benefit of the doubt that they can make it to the end…even if it is only by default of being surrounded by mediocre teams.


3. Joey & Meghan: Team YouTube lucked into second place last leg but sometimes, luck is all you need. Just ask Jet & Cord who somehow lost out to brothers Dan & Jordan in San Francisco a couple of seasons ago or Team Beekman, who in an equally baffling turn of events won last season. While I don’t think (or rather hope) luck can prevail at the finish line AGAIN this season, Joey & Meghan may be sticking around until the finale. They performed well enough at last week’s Train Trials Detour but the Roadblock didn’t offer much in the way of challenge. Navigating the labyrinth was just somewhat time consuming and not much that they could mess up. Regardless, they were mistake-free and that is enough for me at this point.

4. Caroline & Jennifer: Why do I put this team behind Joey & Meghan instead of giving them a tie? I don’t have an explanation other than my gut. While Team YouTube worked quite well last week, our country singers here seem way too reliant upon Bates & Anthony’s alliance. It’s not as if they need the guys’ help, but they seem fiercely loyal to helping and relying upon the brothers. The girls even pondered sticking with them on the Detour after Anthony’s letter broke and they needed to start over or switch. There shouldn’t have even been a discussion and the guys likely wouldn’t have thought twice about it. This could be their ultimate downfall.

5. Mona & Beth: Poor Sock ‘er Moms led their competition directly to Phil and ensured that they would be last because there wasn’t a chance they could outrun Bates & Anthony. In the face of a Speed Bump this late into the Race and with it being a fairly tight competition, I suspect that the moms will fall behind just enough thanks to the Speed Bump. So even though they survived the last leg, their error in leading the brothers to the mat will still be their undoing. Do I think they are a stronger and more deserving team than the singers and Team YouTube? Yes, but an extra task this week is all it may take to put them in last again. (NOTE: Despite the previews leading us to believe that Joey & Meghan and Mona & Beth have a sizable time lead on the others, I choose to ignore it. I won’t get tricked by editors and previews because I don’t think they would telegraph that to viewers.)

We are only a few hours from this week’s episode that takes teams to the lush hills of Scotland. Remember, if it’s not Scottish, it’s crap.

See you real soon.



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