Survivor: Caramoan - Episode 8

Blindside Time

By Ben Willoughby

April 4, 2013

Probst is just happy that his man crushes get to hang around awhile longer.

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Previously on this uninteresting season of Survivor, the “favorites” had big numbers over the “fans”. There was a feud between Phillip and Corinne. Also Malcolm was planning to break out with an alliance of his own. And Julia was voted out. Remember Julia?

When Bikal returns to camp, they all congratulate Michael on being the last “fan” standing on their tribe of losers, and for being “a true Survivor." Corinne is happy – she “made sure I got the gay!” I realize that it’s Standard Operating Procedure for Survivor to cast stereotypes like the entitled douchebag who’ll get what’s coming to him and the angry black man, but does Corinne have to buy into it so much? Does she think that Andrea is a ditzy blonde or that Cochran is the whiny guy who’s going to get everyone killed?

Anyway, Phillip literally cannot wait to share his news with Corinne and Dawn. He pulls them aside right in front of Cochran and Michael, and explains to them how clever he was to have thrown the challenge. “No way in Hell would I go there having gotten rid of only one person,” like it was a classic power play only a Survivor genius like he could have planned, and the four favorites on the other tribe wouldn’t have gotten rid of one of the three “fans” had they lost the challenge instead. I think Phillip is not only imagining himself winning this game, but being coronated with a RedSox cap by Boston Rob himself at the reunion.

Corinne and Dawn are stone-faced while he tells the story, and understandably sceptical that he really did throw the challenge. “Just say that you blew the challenge. It’s annoying,” says Dawn after Phillip has left. “It’s really embarrassing for him,” Corinne cannot keep the glee off her face.


Corinne interviews that Phillip is “so coo-coo for cocoa puffs, there’s no question that Phillip has to go!” and telegraphing that Phillip will be sticking around for a few episodes yet. Thanks Corinne!

After the credits, Corinne is urging Phillip about Michael. Not only is Phillip not interested, but Corinne is feeding Phillip the worst possible information about Michael. “I don’t think most of the fans have a brain. Only Michael does... they’re not savvy players, it’s remarkable” argues Corinne. Why would Phillip want to play with someone who has a brain? Or a savvy player? Phillip suggests that when the merge happens, Corinne should “try to avoid any one-off conversations” because “we’ve got a beautiful thing going on right now." He wants the alliance to be “hyper-viligant" (sic) and to “keep it fun."

Dawn interviews that this is a tough time for her. It is Day 20, and on her last season, this was around the time that her game completely fell apart. It fell apart due to Cochran flipping, and also because she had some inside info about numbers and didn’t tell her alliance and let Cochran flip. Dawn goes to collect water alone so she can cry in private. After commenting about how often she cries, she says that a million dollars would be life-changing for her family, and to win that million dollars you “need to be a decision-maker. You can’t let the game happen to you."

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