Monday Morning Quarterback Part II

By BOP Staff

March 27, 2013


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Kim Hollis: What's the next animated film that you're excited to see?

Brett Ballard-Beach: Monsters University, for the family. That'll be the first First-Run feature I am considering taking my three-year-old to (we saw about 15 animated films in the last 12 months second-run). And for myself, Frozen, to simply hear what Kristen Bell can do with the role of a Disney princess. Nothing else I see on the slate through December inspires much more than a "meh/eh" from me.

Felix Quinonez: Monsters University. I am a bit disappointed that Pixar seems to be relying more on established product than original ideas lately but the first Monsters, Inc. was one of my favorite of their movies. And I am still a Pixar supporter.

Matthew Huntley: I'd have to say Despicable Me 2. The first one was good, but I have a sneaking suspicion the filmmakers are really going to hit their stride with the next one. I hope so, anyway.


Bruce Hall: The Wind is Rising. Miyazaki. Man-squeeee. Yeah. I said that.

Edwin Davies: I've heard a lot of great things about From Up on Poppy Hill, the new film from Goro Miyazaki who directed the pretty dire Earthsea adaptation from a few years ago. However, everyone I know who's seen it says that it's great, and given his pedigree I'm more than willing to give him the benefit of the doubt. Other than that, I'm in full-on Pixar fanboy mode as far as Monsters University is concerned.

Jay Barney: I am actually excited to see the Croods, and I just hope that the local drive-in movie theater decides to offer it as one of its kid-friendly options. Drive-ins are such great fun. To that point, let's just take a look at last summer and discuss MISSED opportunities. During the course of 2012 there were not that many kid-friendly films. Some people might take issue with my defining an age range here, but I am talking about that group of movies that you would logically take only little kids to. If I remember correctly, there were really only a few. Last year when the summer movie season arrived, the Lorax was still playing, but that was already two months old. It was quality, and deserved the time in theaters that it got. That flick was really the only kids selection for nearly two months of box office screen time. That is crazy. Late April 2012 gave us Pirates:Band of Misfits but there wasn't another kids offering for several more weeks. It wasn't until June that Madagascar 3 was released. Then it was another couple of weeks before Brave made it into theaters. Ice Age: Continental Drift wasn't released until mid July. Finally, on one of the last weekends of the summer, we got ParaNorman. I just don't think five or six kids releases during the obvious time of the year to bring kids to the movies is smart on the part of the major studios.

So which kids films am I excited for? ANY of them. Let me bring my son to a nice, non-violent, animated film and I will consider that time well spent.

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