Survivor: Caramoan Power Rankings

Episode 7

By Ben Willoughby

March 26, 2013

May or may not be our prediction for this week's episode.

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Last episode the tribes were re-organized, and it worked out that each tribe has four “favorites” and three “fans”. I re-watched the tape several times to make sure there was no Probst funny-business, and things looked pretty legit in terms of castaways choosing from the available eggs and Probst not saying “Try this one!” Of course, I am biased because the outcome certainly makes doing the power rankings a lot easier.

The thing everyone noticed immediately was that all the young and in-shape people ended up on Gota, while the flabby, the elderly and the striplings wound up on Bikal. It was tempting to not bother with learning the tribe names at all, and just refer to them as “Hot” and “Not”. But anyway, Bikal looks to be in no threat of winning a challenge any time soon – though these power rankings will just have to pretend that they do.


1. Cochran

Somehow, Cochran has graduated to the level-headed player that everyone listens to. He has continued to be the guy who coordinates meetings between tribe factions, which also means he knows everything that is going on at camp. He put together the plan to boot out Matt, and was backed up by Corinne and Dawn. Okay, they didn’t need much convincing because of what they had seen for themselves. But Cochran’s in a much better situation than his last-season appearance as “castaway who everyone agrees sucks the most.”

2. Dawn

The Cochran-Dawn alliance still seems pretty solid - even if we haven’t seen that much of Dawn. Certainly not enough to indicate she has a chance of winning this thing.


3. Phillip

Corinne and Phillip have each other at the top of their respective enemies lists, but they aren’t ready to backstab each other just yet. I think if it did come down to it, Cochran and Dawn would back Phillip – getting rid of Corinne means getting rid of a long-term threat, while it is a no-brainer to take Phillip to the end if you have the option. I think the “favorites” on Gota would do the same.

4. Corinne

Corinne seems committed to her strategy of sticking with the fans and making it to the merge. However, if Julia is voted out next and Bikal lose a third immunity challenge in a row, the other three “favorites” on the tribe will find it pretty tempting to vote out Corinne and keep Michael around. Sure, the “favorites” will take a numbers hit, but they are way ahead anyway, and there’s no one on the other tribe who really wants Corinne around either.

5. Michael

Michael’s probably safe enough this week because Corinne wants to keep him around to discuss red carpet fashion and how he won’t leave her for another woman. I hope for Michael’s sake that he’s into both of those things.

6. Julia

Phillip turned on her after the challenge, Corinne wants to keep “her gay” and Cochran and Dawn probably don’t mind so long as it is a “fan” who goes next. Julia is out if Bikal loses the next challenge.

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