Survivor: Caramoan Power Rankings

Episode 6

By Ben Willoughby

March 20, 2013

Remember me? I'm playing in this season of Survivor!

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This week’s power rankings are sure to be boring, mediocre and wildly inaccurate. Nothing really happened last episode as nearly everyone was invisible, save the unlamented Brandon. Plus, a tribe switch is on the horizon this week, which will shake everything up. Because I can’t anticipate which tribe everyone will end up on in the result of a switch, the power rankings are based on their current situation within their tribe.

I will try to keep the rest of the season as Hantz-free as possible – especially as Brandon feels accepted at last by his family due to his public meltdown and has been entered as a de facto member of the Survivor Hall of Quitters. At least now we can look forward to actual gameplay.


1. Michael

Michael is still at #1, but that’s only because he is the only person on “fans” not locked into a particular strategy. He did do all that “I don’t want Reynold to find the idol. Anyone but Reynold” foreshadowing, though. Keep that up Michael, and you are doomed.

2. Reynold

Reynold was the only one on his tribe who actually looked happy at last week’s immunity challenge. I think he was thinking “this ‘fans’ tribe is so dysfunctional because they aren’t doing the awesome stuff I am saying,” only to discover that the “favorites” are just as dysfunctional in their own way. Anyway, he has an idol and muscle is in control for the time being.

3. Matt

Matt was pretty funny last week. He may be the only one on the tribe to still have a sense of humor. It doesn’t help his game much though. Anyway, I hope his feet won't be so soggy this week.


4. Eddie

Eddie was the only one we did not see looking for the hidden immunity idol. I’m not convinced that he realizes he is in a reality show. “I’m stuck on this beach for some reason. And these guys with cameras keep coming to talk to me. I have lots of thoughts of my own to share.” *cue tumbleweed rolling by*

5. Sherri

Sherri has gone from running her alliance to being close to (if not at) the bottom. After the “fans” lost the reward challenge, she saw this as vindication of her “we’re still losers, even with muscle” argument. But there wasn’t a guy on the tribe that she trusted to actually have a conversation about it.

6. Julia

Is Julia still on the show? Did they eliminate her and not show it? I want proof of life.

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