Survivor: Caramoan Power Rankings

Episode 5

By Ben Willoughby

March 13, 2013

Refusing to post pictures of Cochran, Phillip  or Lil Hantz limits our options.

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For such a dull episode, a lot happened last week. A guy who did two tours of duty in Iraq was medevaced after getting sand in his eye. Then the majority alliance decided they needed to win challenges, and voted out one of their own in the calculated hope that a smaller tribe will have to ally closely at the merge no matter what. At least with Reynold and Eddie around, Probst hasn’t lost interest in this season yet. But I’m not so sure about the rest of us.


1. Michael

I suspect that the reason it was a unanimous vote for Laura last was because Michael let it be known that he would be voting for Laura, and Sherri and Julia decided it would be better to keep up the veneer of an alliance rather than have it appear they were on the outside. It seems like right now Michael has the most control over the tribe’s future direction - though that's like saying he has control over the direction the toilet water gets flushed down the drain.

2. Reynold
Reynold grabbed a bit more power last week, avoiding the boot and giving him the opportunity to cement a “bro muscle” alliance with Michael and Matt. The main focus for him and Eddie this week should be to ensure the “fans” actually win the next immunity challenge, proving to the others that they were right to vote out Laura. However, he has lost his idol, which I’m sure he’d really rather have right now. I wonder if it will be re-hidden?


3. Matt
Matt celebrated Christmas last week, with Shamar out of the game and an opportunity to build a new alliance with Reynold and Eddie. But whichever alliance he does go with, he is going to get sold down the river.

4. Sherri
Sherri is looking in a much weaker position after last week’s frivolities. She has lost Shamar (her Phillip) and was forced to vote out one of her allies, leaving only one person in her alliance that she can really trust – Julia, the least visible person on her tribe. If there is another vote based on “strength”, she would probably be the next out.

5. Julia
Where is Julia? Is she still playing the game, or did the “fans” lose a third tribe member without me noticing?

6. Eddie
I’ll go with Eddie as having the least power out of the “fans”, mostly because he’s just a doofus who wants to hang out and isn’t really interested in playing Survivor. But don’t take it personally, Eddie. I’m sure I’m just jealous of you being the best-looking guy there.

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