The Amazing Race: Power Rankings

The Amazing Race: Power Rankings

By Daron Aldridge

March 3, 2013

I wonder when we get to the hockey playing Roadblock.

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The last leg’s Detour was a fitting metaphor for the fate of twins Jamil & Idries. It was a task that submerged the team completely into the Pacific Ocean, and the ocean and the Race swallowed them up. The aquaphobic doctors argued about taking a penalty and wasted time on a task they clearly unable to do without even entertaining the idea of switching tasks. Essentially, the twins themselves and their fear of water (mainly Idries) got them eliminated.

With a medical uncertainty looming for one team, here are my rankings as we embark on the third (M.D.-less) leg.

1. John & Jessica (Dating/adrenaline junkies): Don’t let the third place finish fool you, my frontrunners are still the team to beat. Phil even let the first three teams all share the space on the Pitstop mat together because it was that close. But this couple still has an advantage up their sleeve that puts them in a more comfortable position than the others…The Express Pass. For two legs, the couple hasn’t shown anything by way of error and the strategic approach they are taking with handing out their extra Pass illustrates that they are not just physical threats. But without that Express Pass in their pockets, I would be keep them in the top spot but it would be shared with…


2. Anthony & Bates (Brothers/Pro Hockey players): Oh, Team Slapshot, you lovable lunkheads. Here’s the best way to ingratiate you to this recapper: Be a strong team but exhibit a sense of humility and humor. That’s what Anthony & Bates have done so far. Over the first two legs, the brothers have overcame a substantial flight delay and blazed through each challenge with little to no issue. Yet, they also exhibit a good nature that is reminiscent of our favorite Globetrotters.

3. Mona & Beth (Friends/Roller Derby Moms): I still have faith in Team Sock ‘er Moms. I feel their ability belies their sixth place finish last leg. The Detour task of the underwater picnic did take more time but they didn’t struggle with it. I suspect they completed is as smoothly as it could have gone, so it was simply the more time-consuming option. Beth also proved more somewhat more adept on the stilts than others. This ranking is admittedly grounded in two things: (a) a lack of confidence in the other teams; and (b) my desire to be right about that they will make it to the final three.

4. Joey & Meghan (Friends/Internet personalities): I concede that I didn’t have much confidence in Team YouTube before the season started but they surprised me with their wise approach to the Pearl task and their overall performance so far. Joey retrieving the oysters and Meghan staying in the boat to open them worked beautifully for them and put them in the front of the pack. In fact, they were the only team to use this method, which illustrates, hopefully, their ability to tune out the competitors and just race the best way for them. Also, they have nicely settled into the role of the team that is so excited to be on the Race in the first place. But I suspect that they will ultimately end up "just happy to be nominated" and finish outside the final three.

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