Survivor: Caramoan Power Rankings

Episode 3

By Ben Willoughby

February 26, 2013

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We are only two weeks into Survivor: Caramoan and both “fans” and “favorites” have been to Tribal Council. Power rankings time already. First, the fans:

1. Sherri

With the pretty alliance deciding to go exclusive, Sherri found it a lot easier to organize an alliance of six than she could have reasonably expected. But she was the one who organized it, she was the one who calmed everyone down when the hidden immunity idol was outed at Tribal Council and she has a side agreement to take Shamar to the end. That makes her #1.

2. Mike

I’ve picked Mike as #2 as his sub-alliance with Matt provide solid enough to get Matt to vote in Michael’s best interests over what Matt wanted to do.

3. Laura

Laura is the one who suggested Allie, and that decision went through very easily. So at least someone listens to her.

4. Shamar

Obviously Shamar’s really annoying, but he owns it. I have an extra-soft spot for Shamar because he’s decided his role is to call everyone out about their stuff and mock them, which makes my job easier. And his alliance with Sherri gives him some pull over the direction of the game. But he tries to get what he wants by shouting at everyone, which means no one cares what he has to say; they’d just rather avoid him. I wonder how he thinks he’s going to turn this around after the merge.


5. Julia

We haven’t seen much of Julia, beyond some really bad burns under her eyes. If you’re most noteworthy for looking like you’re wearing eye black, you’re not much of a factor.

6. Matt

I’ve ranked Matt as the lowest on his alliance. He’s not very subtle, as we saw when he suggested voting out Shamar so the people Sherri and Mike wanted voted out would still be his friends.

7. Reynold

Reynold’s put himself about as far outside the majority alliance as he could manage, but he has an idol to leverage, he’s been good in challenges so far and he likes to instigate stuff. That puts him at the top of the “outside the alliance” category.

8. Eddie

I was tempted to put Eddie in #7 because he’s a follower and not much of a threat. But he doesn't look like he's having much impact on the game.

9. Hope

Hope is ranked last because she’s the most expendable. Eddie and Reynold make for better challenge performers, as there won’t be many immunity challenges involving smiling and waving at the same time.

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