The Amazing Race Recap: Finale Part 2

By Daron Aldridge

December 11, 2012

The chores! The stores! Fresh air! Times Square!

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Picking up where we left off. You remember…the greatest moment of The Amazing Race’s 21st season: the elimination of Team Despicable Natalie & Nadiya.

Here we go again for the last time this year at a Pit Stop.

Au revoir, France. It’s 1:33 a.m. and Team Beefcake of Ja(y)meses is excitedly the first to leave. The final destination city is New York City. The teams have to decipher that the postcard/clue is directing them to the Coney Island Boardwalk and a somewhat hidden clue on a Houdini poster pointing them to the navy yard.

About ten minutes later, Team Longhorn Trey & Lexi leave. Lexi gets all reflective about how the Race has brought them closer together and more in love. It’s not difficult to notice that the longing look she gives Trey is not wholly reciprocated. His gaze is more of the “blank stare” variety at the camera.


In the cab, the unimportance of the uncertainty whether it’s Team Beekman or Team Despicable in the finals sets in, because both of those teams actually hail from or have roots in New York. First, Josh gets to dust off his French and now they are essentially going home. This may be the leg that Josh & Brent don’t come in last or second to last but actually win…HAHAHA…who am I kidding? As directionally challenged as Team Beekman is, they would likely get lost if one of the clues was to their front door step at home.

Speaking of Beekmans, they leave a little more than an hour after the Texans and are stoked at the prospect of “home field advantage.” Please see my comment above for how I feel about that. When Josh & Brent stroll into the airport to get on the same flight as the other two teams, they are met with hugs but both members of Team Longhorn don’t feel threatened by them, which is understandable given their less than stellar Race track record.

All the teams are no longer encumbered with backpacks, since they wisely ditched them in France, thus allowing them to full-on sprint through the airport to the awaiting NYC taxi cab. The order doesn’t really matter since they all converge on Coney Island within minutes. With the hidden message not in the normal red and yellow but rather black and yellow, Teams Longhorn and Beefcake are like a quartet of lost children on the boardwalk. I’m halfway expecting an Amber Alert to be issued on them because they are THAT lost.

Team Beekman is at least standing near the vantage point of the postcard, but the blank look on their faces is just as discouraging as the wandering. Jaymes & James are now at the beach, as Lexi is the first to notice the signs pointing them to the Navy Yard. To be discreet, she and Trey just try to remember the clue instead of writing it down. Team Beekman notices it right after them and doesn’t care if they are seen writing, probably because they have messed up enough times on the Race to know better.

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