Survivor: Philippines Power Rankings

Episode 12

By Ben Willoughby

December 4, 2012

Are we gonna win? Well, *one* of us is.

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Survivor managed to draw out Abi’s booting for yet another week, but it looks like Wednesday is going to be that night we wait for every season, where the Survivor villain gets their comeuppance, and we don’t have to hear from them again until their angry, bitter jury question that goes something like “Why won’t you suck up to me?”

In the meantime, here are this week’s power rankings.

1. Malcolm

Malcolm is still at the top. He’s untouchable this week, and as for next week... well, as they look ahead to the jury, everyone will be looking to get rid of him except Denise, who is presumably saving her evisceration of Malcolm for the final Tribal Council. But for the moment, everything is proceeding to Malcolm’s plan.

2. Denise

Denise is second again. She’s not having to scramble much this game, and her plan is the same as Malcolm’s plan, except with her winning at the end. Jonathan aside, no one’s seriously looking to vote her out either.

3. Carter

The one thing you’d hope that Carter noticed from the fallout in the last Tribal Council is that the final four is everyone but him. After Abi goes, his best chance is to try to convince Lisa and Michael to join with him in blind-siding Malcolm and then offing Denise. We haven’t seen Carter have to fight to stay in the game, but since we also haven’t seen Carter change anyone’s mind, I don’t see it happening now.

4. Michael

I’ve ranked Michael above Lisa because Lisa has committed to the final four alliance while Michael clearly prefers to keep his options open. This means everyone (including me) has described him as wishy-washy at some point or another, but I suppose it’s just him playing the game. Anyway, Michael’s in a final four alliance with someone he doesn’t trust, so he has a clear incentive to break it. However, he seems to think he can win a final three against anyone, so he probably won’t. Poor, misguided Michael.

5. Lisa

Lisa doesn’t have much power in the game, but her job now is to get into the final three and count on the bitterness of the jury to vote for the “least worst” option. She has a few ways to get there – she can proceed with the final four plan and win the last immunity (unlikely), she can convince Malcolm and Denise to take her instead of Michael (which would be crazy of them), or she can break her final four alliance word and go to the end with Carter and Michael (which would trigger another emotional crisis). So none of those ways are easy.

6. Abi

Malcolm and Denise have made up their mind that Abi is next, and if Lisa didn’t go against her final four word for Jonathan, who she liked and trusted, she’s not going to do it for Abi. So it looks pretty certain that she will be next out. To get any further in the game, Abi will have to have a repeat of last week – win an advantage that gives her an edge in the immunity challenge, then win the immunity challenge. That’s not going to happen twice in a row.

Tune in tonight to see the always anticipated family visit episode, and then come back tomorrow for the recap.




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