Survivor: Philippines Power Rankings

Episode 11

By Ben Willoughby

November 28, 2012

He's so dirty.

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After last week’s uncomfortable, but “someone had to say it” Tribal Council we have a group of six who would really like to get rid of the outsider, but who can also see the end-game in sight. We will see later tonight whether this group of six fractures – my bold prediction is that it will not... yet – but for now let’s see how the seven remaining castaways stack up on the power rankings.

1. Malcolm

People are finally talking about Malcolm’s idol and how he has way too much power in the game. So that’s a pretty clear indicator for whose name should be at the top of the power rankings. Malcolm was also the driving force for a final four alliance, without the two outside members of the six knowing about it. Of course, he decided to make this alliance with wishy-washy Michael and super-nice but emotional Lisa, which is one strike against him, so that he could “coast” to the end, which is a second. Anyone thinking they can coast on Survivor deserves to be on top of the rankings and talked about for elimination.

2. Michael

The final four deal looks like it has been made, but Michael knows that he can’t beat any of them and he doesn’t like his situation much. I think he’d rather be in a final Tribal Council with fellow returnee Jonathan and strategic non-entity Carter. Assuming the six take care of unfinished Abi business tonight – by no means a safe assumption – this will essentially give Michael the swing vote and the power to determine which of them goes to the final four.

3. Denise

Meanwhile, no one seems to be talking about Denise. But who wants to be talked about at this stage of the game? Proof that Oscar Wilde was full of it. Anyway, she’s still around and she’s in that final four alliance, for as long as that lasts. After last week’s calm, surgical demolition of Abi, it will be interesting to see how people deal with Denise in a final Tribal Council situation.


4. Lisa

Lisa’s not too happy with her final four alliance either, and made it clear last week that going with Malcolm and Denise was her second option. So she’s in a similar position to Michael, except that she doesn’t have an innate ability to self-justify back-stabbing her alliance. That's not great.

5. Jonathan

It’s not clear how Jonathan’s non-move last week to say “I’m not thinking about a final four until we get down to six” will pan out, but betting that no final four will really be decided until they reach six sounds like a reasonably safe bet. Even so, he doesn’t have a lot of in-game power right now.

6. Carter

“I’m in a good spot right now” was what Carter told Pete last week. Are you, Carter? I’m not sure that you are. We’ve seen Carter win immunity a couple of times, but we’ve yet to see him have any impact at all on a vote. I don’t see that pattern changing soon.

7. Abi

No idol, no allies and no friends. Abi won’t have any option but to exploit the weak links in the other six, such as Lisa’s emotions. Not that this will cause Abi any moral dilemmas.

So tune in tonight for what we all hope will be a schadenfreudelicious episode of Survivor, and then come back later for the full recap.



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