The Amazing Race Recap

By Kim Hollis and David Mumpower

November 19, 2012

Perhaps we should not have rock and rolled all night and partied every day.

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It's off to a bad start, though, because their cabbie has dropped them not only at the wrong place, but in what seems to be the shadiest area of Moscow. They're scared of all the broken bottles, but we figure at least we can use those as weapons to defend themselves. They quickly find a new taxi driver who claims he knows how to get them where they're going.

James & Jaymes are next out, and their attitude is as positive as ever. They plan to just stay near the top, and manage to do just that, as they arrive at the Giant Laboratory ahead of Trey & Lexi thanks to the Longhorns' new cab driver also having no idea where to take them. The Chippendales look at the sign and realize that they can't proceed until 8 a.m. They also think that the sign says "Beyonce," and we're surprised that they automatically don't start taking off their clothes. Their cab driver agrees to hang out with them, and he is nonplussed when the boys tell him that they are both named Ja(y)mes. He just wants to go have more vodka.

You know that Trey & Lexi's taxi situation is rough because they are given silly music to accompany their escapades. They stop at a hotel, but not for what you think. They pass on the opportunity to have a threesome with their cabbie in order to have someone at the front desk translate for them. Eventually, they arrive at the lab, and are told that they'll need to wait until 8 a.m. for Beyonce's arrival. We really hope she doesn't sing "Single Ladies". We hate that song.

Both teams are surprised to see that James & Abba were the last place team and that they will have to complete a Speedbump on this leg of the race. As for Team Headbanger, they're not super enthusiastic about what the day holds for them, but maybe they'll get their mojo back.


Today's Roadblock has participants sitting in front of a map of Russia, which is divided into nine (!) different time zones. They are given a sheet of paper with a bunch of cities, and they have to pick five cities and list the correct time for each one of them. We initially think this challenge will be quite difficult, and then we see page three of the PowerPoint presentation. They are given Moscow's time, and must determine their times from there. It's a combination of Memory and mathematics. Neither Lexi nor James (or is it Jaymes) get it right on their first, second or third try, and a stern professor gives them mean looks while they fail.

As if a snooty Russian professor wasn't evil enough, it's time for the twins. Natalie & Nadiya say that today is the last day that they are allowed to use the Express Pass, so they're obviously going to turn it in and move forward.

On their tenth try for the time zone test, Lexi & Ja(y)mes start working together (or as they call it in college, "cheating"). They still fail. Suddenly, Lexi realizes that they are doing everything wrong. The time is based on Moscow time and you add your hours to that number. Once they figure this out, they're golden.

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