Survivor: Philippines - Episode 8

Dead Man Walking

By Ben Willoughby

November 8, 2012

Alas, there will be no fist bumps for Jeff Kent in Survivor.

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Previously on Survivor, Tandang and Kalabaw went into the merge seven against four, and multiple players flipped sides. RC and Michael, who were ritually abused and excluded from Tandang, wanted to flip over to Kalabaw and vote out the rude meanies who they thought didn’t deserve to win. Meanwhile, Jeff Kent wanted to get rid the returnees, so he teamed up with the Tandang alliance and brought Carter over with him.

The result was a chaotic Tribal Council where Jonathan played his hidden immunity idol in the best way possible and RC was left to be eliminated. Ten are left. Who will be voted out tonight? The answer may shock and surprise you.

The castaways return to camp, and Jonathan asks Jeff Kent for the lowdown on what happened. Jeff said “we had big numbers coming in” but when he asked around “the numbers weren’t there... everyone was too wishy-washy.” Jonathan highlights that if Jeff Kent and Carter had not flipped and voted with them as discussed, then he would have used the idol and Pete would be going home.

In interview, Jonathan says that it “hurts to be betrayed” because “you have been kept out of the secret” and “the thing that you trusted wasn’t you.”

Then Jonathan flat out asks Denise if she voted for RC, and she tells him in an equally flat out way that actually she voted for Jonathan, and that she has her own strategy, and her own path and it may backfire but whatever, that’s the game. She is one cool customer.


Now Carter is there too, and Jeff Kent explains that “when the bigger picture doesn’t come together, what do you do, go down with the sinking ship? You can’t do that”. “Absolutely right,” concedes Jonathan, not believing a word of it.

Jeff Kent interviews that Jonathan doesn’t have any power now that his idol is gone, and will be doing his best to win immunity, just to prevent Jonathan from getting it. In the meantime, he recognizes that he gave up authority with his flip, but he plans to work his way up with Tandang by using them against themselves.

Michael and Jonathan have a talk. “There’s cracks, I’m telling you, there’s cracks, there’s cracks.” Michael assures Jonathan that he is “not going home after you,” even though he voted for Jonathan as well. Jonathan asks Michael what they should do, and Michael’s response is to wait for “someone else to screw up.” Jonathan doesn’t seem on board with a lay-low strategy, and they shake hands.

Jonathan interviews that he is not resigned to going home just yet, but as far as he is concerned he has “no alliances, allegiances, I don’t care, everyone is equal, they are all ready to die.”

After the credits, it’s the next morning and Jonathan is out in the boat with Denise and Lisa. Self-mockingly, he says “I am going to act like the big white fisherman,” and then he goes off to kill Nemo. Seriously, the editors include is footage of clownfish and everything.

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