Monday Morning Quarterback Part IV

By BOP Staff

October 18, 2012

Long way down.

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Snow White's hanging out with a weird, different crew these days.

Kim Hollis: CBS Films' Seven Psychopaths, a film that reunites In Bruges' director Martin McDonagh and star Colin Farrell, opened to $4.2 million this weekend. What do you think about this debut?

Edwin Davies: It's lower than the film probably deserves considering the people involved and its quality, but at the same time it's not a film that was ever going to break out in a huge way. (I'm kind of perplexed that it opened so widely to begin with considering that it's exactly the sort of film that would benefit from a platform release.) It's a dark comedy about screenwriting, both of which are things that mainstream audiences never seem to latch on to, and much like In Bruges it will probably develop a bigger following on home media. The main upside is that it didn't cost much, so it should make much of its production budget back before it leaves theaters. Admittedly, that's a slightly small victory.

Felix Quinonez: Although it seems a bit disappointing it's right in line with my expectations. I think it looks great but I just don't think this ever had the appeal to become a hit. I think it has "cult classic" written all over it. But it has a pretty small budget so it should wind up fine. And when you throw in the secondary markets, it might even be somewhat of a hit, relatively speaking.


Jason Barney: The $15 million budget seems a high number to match based on the low opening numbers, but we will see how the daily numbers look as we get into the week. This doesn't come across as a film that was designed to be big anyway, but those involved are probably looking around and wondering why the numbers were not a little higher. I will probably see this film. Christopher Walken will hopefully earn another Saturday Night Live hosting gig from this, which would be great.

Bruce Hall: In Bruges was far better than its box office would lead you to believe. Seven Psychopaths has the same audience (the coveted 18-35 demographic), and indications are that like its predecessor, it reached and resonated with them. Regardless of how wide the release of Seven Psychopaths is eventually expanded, I expect it to continue to do the same. With a $15 million budget, an appealing cast and a cushy hipster pedigree, it should turn out to be something Martin McDonagh can build on.

Max Braden: The trailer didn't sell it. Sure you have seven crazy guys, but I still want to know what happens when they get together, and I didn't get any sense of plot from the advertising other than maybe it's a one-crazy-night kind of movie. Then it starts to look a little like Snatch, but Snatch had style. This looked like RED but with a third of the jokes. Why should the audience bother? And that's how the box office turned out.

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