Survivor: Philippines - Episode 4

Create a Little Chaos

By Ben Willoughby

October 11, 2012

At least I never blacked out this time!

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It is Day 9 at Matsing. Matsing is so depressed that we do not even see them come back from Tribal Council. No one is talking. It is raining hard and they are shivering and we get a close-up of Malcolm’s horrible water-logged feet as a metaphor for how the tribe is doing. It’s not well.

Later, we see Malcolm try to light a fire with Denise and Russell looking on glumly. Still no one is talking. Sometimes, there are just no words. Eventually, they suggest that Malcolm stop lighting the fire and try again later.

In interview, Malcolm says that things are piling on for Matsing, but that one win is all it would take to “turn the mood around camp, just one win to know that it’s possible we’re not just destined for annihilation.” That’s the positive mental attitude we need to ensure success!

Russell interviews that he has a plan – “to mount the greatest comeback that’s ever been seen. There is no quit in either one of them. I’m damn sure there’s no quit in me!” Because he nearly died! I’m sorry Russell, that’s not a plan. That’s just a dream. A plan would be setting out how you are going to mount the greatest comeback ever. I think Russell’s plan for Survivor is “My plan is Probst is going to name me Sole Survivor and I’ll win a million dollars!”

Over at Tandang, they are all sitting in the rain with nothing to do. Pete interviews that he plans on creating a lot of chaos, because any chaos will be beneficial to him. And he does the “this guy” thumbs! Pete’s kind of a doofus.


Right on cue, Abi discovers and points out to everyone there is something under RC’s bag. The hidden immunity idol clue! Abi interviews that RC must have gotten the clue from where she and RC buried it, and put it in her bag. RC has to read the clue out to the whole tribe, complete with “under your nose. What does that mean?” while Abi stands around looking annoyed.

Abi goes on to say that she doesn’t feel bad about finding the idol first, because finding the clue like that shows that she couldn’t trust RC. Cue shots of RC looking worried, and an interview of her saying she is wary of her place in the tribe.

If RC stopped to think for a minute, she would realize that Abi has sold her out and already has the idol. If Abi didn’t have the idol, she would have kept her mouth shut and confronted RC later. Instead, she points out the clue to everyone, knowing that it has no value.

In interview, Pete says that he planted the clue in RC’s bag and this couldn’t have worked out better for him. At camp, Pete and Abi are talking – with the editing suggesting that RC and everyone else is right there – and Abi is saying “I told her, if you mess with me you’re dead.” Pete says keeping people on their toes is a big part of his strategy because he doesn’t want anyone to play their game out there. I think Pete’s so sharp, he’ll cut himself.

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