The Amazing Race Recap: Meet the Teams

By Daron Aldridge

October 1, 2012

We didn't realize there would be running. And eating.

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First order of business – Congratulations once again to The Amazing Race for reclaiming the Reality Competition Show Emmy. As the series returns this fall for its 21st season, I guess it can now legally get drunk, which is often the only way us viewers can tolerate some of the teams. Yes, I am looking at last season’s Big Brother retreads Brendon & Rachel.

Now, before kicking off the new season, here’s a quick look at this season’s teams with my snap judgments on their abilities, longevity and likelihood to annoy. Please note these assessments are based solely upon their CBS profile Q&A. As usual, the partner pet peeves and challenges provide the most insight.

Here we go:

Josh & Brent (Life partners for 15 years): Apparently, these guys were reality show stars for two seasons on a Discovery Channel series called The Fabulous Beekman Boys about…wait for it…goat farmers. The fact that these agri-entrepreneurs have some experience in front of the camera won’t really help them out on the Race but they appear to have some level of success and years of working together so maybe that should be the focus. The biggest issue looming for them is that they both confess that communication and not admitting they are wrong. While miscommunication didn't work against Army Dave and wife Rachel last season, that outcome is usually not the case. Let's slap the guys with the easy to remember name Team Beekman (after their business, farm and TV show). Mental note for distinguishing between the teammates: Josh – taller, wears glasses. Brent – shorter, no glasses.


Natalie & Nadiya (twin sisters): The girls try to convince us that they have the drive and spunk to be competitive with Natalie even listing recovering fully from multiple rugby-induced knee injuries as her proudest accomplishment. But then both compare themselves to one of the Kardashian sisters. [INSERT EYEROLL HERE]. The desire to make this vapid comparison plus the stated problems with having an “explosive” relationship and fighting turning into a screaming match, I hope these Faux-dashians are short-lived on the Race. Mental note for distinguishing between the teammates: Ummm…they are twins…good luck, Daron.

Rob & Kelley (married monster truckers): Whoa, three in and we already have goat farmers and monster truckers. This is shaping up to be the most occupationally diverse season yet. I hope that the fun-loving attitude expressed in their interviews translates to the race. Example: Kelley’s answer to the pet peeve about Rob: She doesn’t like it when he farts in public. Immediately, I am grateful for the lack of Smell-o-Vision. His more touching answer: Kelley’s lack of confidence for no reason. Both express a desire for her to be more vocal and “find her voice.” This could unfold one of two ways (or maybe more): Rob will steamroll her and be blamed or praised for making all the decisions OR she will finally explode after him messing up too much. Team nickname: PENDING.

Trey & Lexi (dating – early 20-somethings): This season’s young dating couple will be played by Austin’s Trey & Lexi; he was a University of Texas football player and she was a UT cheerleader. If their profiles are to be believed (and why shouldn’t they at this point since that is all I have), this team may replicate the success of season 15 winners Meghan & Cheyne, who dominated the game and kept any team discord to a minimum. Also, both Trey & Lexi use the word “happy” as one of the three words to describe themselves. They may not be the most turbulent (i.e. reality show-friendly) team but I wouldn’t be surprised to see them making it to the very end.

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