TV Recap: Doctor Who - The Angels Take Manhattan

By Edwin Davies

October 1, 2012

I blame Mike Trout.

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It's a strong, poignant end to a run of episodes which was, for the most part, entertaining, but wound up lacking the gravitas that the end of an era requires. Because however much The Doctor might hate endings, this was most definitely one. Moffat's time as showrunner has been inextricably tied to the story of Amy and The Doctor, and even though the show has seen several companions go since coming back - not to mention the dozens from the pre-revival years - this one ranks up there with Rose's exit as being one of the most momentous. The show will go on, as will The Doctor, but both will be different for the experience, and whilst this episode achieved everything that such a moment requires, it left me wondering why we had to wait so long for it to happen.

Still, after so much table-setting, it was great to finally sample the meal and discover that it was pretty great. Despite my issues with these last few episodes, I am still massively invested in this show and hugely excited to see what happens now that the Pond years have been left behind, and Moffat and his team can venture forth into new and exciting territory with new companions and a Doctor who is ready to get out there and start making new enemies. Christmas should hopefully be very special this year.

Rating: 9/10
Mini-Season rating: 6/10



- I liked the New York setting for this episode, primarily because it didn't feel as if they show was pandering to the American audience. It was the backdrop to the episode and there were some familiar sights along the way, but it didn't get distracted by the setting as badly as it could have.

- Still not sure if the idea of The Statue of Liberty as a giant Weeping Angel was funny or immensely stupid.

- I watched this episode immediately after seeing Rian Johnson's Looper. The two make for oddly complementary works.

- It makes me really sad to see that Amy outlives Rory by five years (judging by the gravestones at the end). She travels back through time to be with him, and she still ends up watching him die again.

- As ever, it's been great writing about this show, even if this batch of episodes wasn't the strongest it has ever put out. I can't wait to see what happens at Christmas and we finally get to meet the new companion properly. Hopefully I will see you all there.

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