What Are We Going to Watch?
The New 2012 Fall Shows

September 19, 2012

Good luck getting your security deposit back

Every fall, the major networks belch forth a new slate of offerings for public consumption. A host of new shows compete for attention. Some appear to hold enough promise for us to give a shot. Most we won't even bother with.

Last year, as the new season began, we made a grid recording which shows we expected to watch. We thought very few shows showed promise, and, unsurprisingly, next to no shows survived to see a sophomore season.

With the 2012-13 TV season beginning, we once again polled the BOP staff about their intentions toward the new shows. Here are the results:

666 Park Avenue (ABC)
Animal Practice (NBC)
Arrow (CW)
Beauty and the Beast (CW)
Ben and Kate (Fox)
Chicago Fire (NBC)
Elementary (CBS)
Emily Owens, M.D. (CW)
Go On (NBC)
Guys with Kids (NBC)
Last Resort (ABC)
Made in Jersey (CBS)
The Mindy Project (Fox)
The Mob Doctor (Fox)
Nashville (ABC)
The Neighbors (ABC)
The New Normal (NBC)
Partners (CBS)
Revolution (NBC)
Vegas (CBS)
Definitely not watching
May or may not watch
Definitely will/have already
started watching
Staff initials:
DA = Daron Aldridge
MB = Max Braden
CD = Curt David
ED = Edwin Davies
KH = Kim Hollis
TK = Tony Kollath
DM = David Mumpower
RS = Reagen Sulewski
JVN = Jim Van Nest



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