TV Recap: Doctor Who – Day of the Moon

Season 6, Episode 2

By Edwin Davies

September 3, 2012

Those tattoos were a really bad idea.

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I'm also a little worried that Moffat is falling back on ideas and themes that he's already explored pretty fully. For example, it's nice to see that the show didn't just sweep their relationship under the rug when they got married, but Rory being afraid that he will have to share Amy with The Doctor is pretty well-worn territory. I know that it was all neatly wrapped up in the episode by having Rory realise that she was referring to his stupid face, not The Doctor's, but we don't want to get into a whole Team Doctor and Team Rory situation. You'd think that the whole "waiting 2000 years for her" thing would have been enough to get her on his side.

However, all of this is kind of overshadowed by the last scene of the episode, in which a dying girl appears to regenerate like a Time Lord. This revelation was hinted at in the week, the implication being that something was going to happen in the last moments of the episode which would make the Internet explode with fan reactions. Now that we are travelling through a The Road-style post-apocalyptic landscape where we must fight and die for tattered remnants of lolcats, we have to wonder what her significance is. I'm guessing that she's probably very significant, and it's a bold move for Moffat to tease such a major introduction so early on. The show has left a lot of questions, and I do want to find out some of the answers, but I hope that The Doctor has a few fun, slightly less head-fucky adventures before he gets down to the business of unravelling what the hell is going on.

Rating: 7/10



So, are there two mysterious girls or one mysterious girl? Is the one in the spacesuit the same as the one who regenerated at the end? I thought that they looked different, myself, so that begs the question of who they are.

I thought last week that Amy's child - despite her claims to the contrary, I think it's pretty clear that she is either pregnant or has had the child, somehow, already - might grow up to be River Song, since it would be a nice twist on the idea that many people have suggested that River and Amy are the same person at different stages in their life. Now, I'm inclined to think that the new girl is Amy's child and, rather than being her and The Doctor's child, was created through some as yet unseen interaction with the TARDIS.

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