10 Movies Shot In Canada

August 12, 2012

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It isn't difficult to find 10 movies shot in Canada. A surprising number of very popular movies have been filmed in Canada. It is true that a comparatively low proportion of films are actually set in Canada, and this goes for television shows as well. However, many filmmakers want to be able to take advantage of the gorgeous Canadian scenery. They have certainly managed to do so over the years.

The Day After Tomorrow is a good example of a huge action movie that was largely filmed in Canada. The filming location is particularly impressive with a movie like this, since this film is largely about the visuals. Of course, Brokeback Mountain is largely a character-oriented movie. However, the scenery was also very important in Brokeback Mountain, and this is another film largely shot in Canada.

When looking for a huge blockbuster film that was largely set in Canada, of course, people don't need to look any further than Titanic. This is one of the biggest films ever made, and it was partly made in Canada. Given the nature of the film, it is not going to be obvious that it was filmed in Canada to most people. However, it's still interesting to note that this was the case, given the impact that Titanic has had on film.

Still, people shouldn't assume that it's only the films that are largely reliant on scenery that get shot in Canada. My Big Fat Greek Wedding, Billy Madison, Juno, and Mean Girls are all lightly comedic movies. A lot of people aren't even going to give much thought to the shooting locations of those movies. However, all four of these films were largely shot in Canada. People watching these classics might want to try to see if they can spot any famous Canadian landmarks in the background, which can be a fun game to play when it comes to a lot of American films, in fact.

The musical Chicago was also filmed in Canada, which is somewhat ironic, given the film's title and subject matter. Catch Me If You Can is a movie that has such an American feel that it also seems ironic that this is another film that was largely shot in Canada. People might say the same thing about Finding Forrester, a movie that gets a lot of its drama out of the social and geographical divisions in American society despite being partly filmed in Canada.

The fact that a lot of films are at least partly made in Canada will not surprise filmmakers. They will often do so when they want to use a location that is not going to be immediately obvious to a lot of the viewers. Many Americans are not especially familiar with the Canadian wilderness or with Canadian cities, especially visually. This can make it easier to more or less disguise the location of the film. Of course, a lot of Canadians are going to have a fun time watching certain American movies. They will often be able to point out the filming locations.




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