Monday Morning Quarterback Part III

By BOP Staff

August 1, 2012

Coming soon to female hygiene commercials everywhere.

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The Future

Kim Hollis: Let's set the over/under on the next movie featuring Batman characters (careful not to do any spoilers) at five years. Would you take the over or under? Why?

Bruce Hall: I'm not a gambler, so I have actually have no idea what that means. I will say that the lure of the Dollar will override the logical conclusion to let the franchise cool off for a bit. We've got Superman coming up, as well as a slew of sequels including The X-Men, Iron Man, Thor and Wolverine. If superhero films continue to do big business, we will see more of the Dark Knight sooner rather than later.

And for the sake of argument, I highly doubt doubt it's going to take five years.


Felix Quinonez: I agree with Bruce that the lure of dollars will be too compelling for Warner Bros. to leave this franchise dormant. I'll definitely take the under. (I'll also admit that I had no idea what you were asking until I read the other responses).

Samuel Hoelker: If the events of the past ten days have shown anything, it's that WB is excellent with compassionate PR that paints them in a positive light. I think they'll take their time with a reboot (relatively speaking, of course. Late 2010s is now "taking their time"), and they'd be foolish to rush it or make it lackluster or unnecessary (not that I'm referring to any other reboot of the summer...). My guess is something in 2018 or 2019, with many years of hype before it.

Edwin Davies: If they choose to try to continue with the Nolan universe but without Nolan, which could feasibly happen with the right creative people in place, then I could see them doing a sequel or spin-off within the next five years very easily, especially since I think that people will have generally positive feelings towards the way in which the series concludes, so they might be happy to see more. (As opposed to, say, the way in which Elektra crashed and burned after the world expressed its complete ambivalence towards Daredevil.) If they are going to completely reboot, I think that Warner Bros. will take at least seven or eight years. The lure of money is strong, but WB has proven to be very shrewd with this franchise (The Joel Schumacher Years notwithstanding) and will realize that rushing into things too quickly might turn people off (cf. Amazing Spider-Man, The) and ultimately make them LESS money than if they take their time over it. In situations like this there's a temptation to strike whilst the iron is hot, but that's a good way to get burned.

Jim Van Nest: I'm going to go against the grain on this one and take the "Over." Unless Nolan backs off and decides to do one more, I don't think we'll see Batman in a film anytime soon. I mean, really, who wants to try to follow up this trilogy? There was eight years between Batman properties before Begins and Batman and Robin sucked hard!

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