Monday Morning Quarterback Part II

By BOP Staff

July 18, 2012

Linsanity, we hardly knew ye.

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Let's talk about the bat in the living room.

Kim Hollis: Let's put aside box office discussion for a moment and discuss expectations for The Dark Knight Rises. Based on what you've seen in previews and commercials, as well as what you've heard from pre-release buzz, what are your perceptions about Chris Nolan's final film in the trilogy?

Edwin Davies: For fear of sounding fanboyish, it looks pretty epic, and whilst I have avoided spoilers or plot details, I get the sense that it will end in such a way that no one will be able to continue the story without starting from scratch. This doesn't strike me as another case of what happened with the Spider-man films, where the third film was just another installment that wound up being a final one, this time they seem to have set out to put a full stop at the end of the story.

It's for that reason that I predicted back in May that The Dark Knight Rises would take the opening weekend record from The Avengers, and that it would ultimately gross more than that film. Whilst both of those goals seem harder to achieve now, I stand by that assertion, and think that the level of hype that has built up prior to the release of the film, and that sense of it being the final installment, will push it to those heights.


Bruce Hall: I am sticking with my suggestion that no matter how much money The Avengers makes, it won't be the best super hero film of the year. The Dark Knight Rises will be that picture, and sadly, it really feels to me as though there should have been an installment between this one and the last one. I wonder if those rumors of a two story arc with The Joker were true. Either way, Chris Nolan has created a fantastic three part comic book opera that comes as close as anyone has to bridging the gap between Summer Blockbuster and Mainstream Drama. By this time next week, I think we'll all have to work really hard not to dive into hyperbole as we discuss this film.

Felix Quinonez: I've been trying real hard to avoid all spoilers, it seems like there are A LOT of them. But going by only the commercials I'd have to say it looks awesome. It seems like all of the right elements are in place and it looks like it will be a very satisfying conclusion for the series. I am still a little concerned that they're going to try to fit in too much in the movie. I kind of felt The Dark Knight had a similar problem and that the ending for that movie was a bit rushed. But if anyone can pull it off, it's Christopher Nolan.

Jason Barney: I have tried to avoid spoilers as well. I am pretty excited to see it, although I probably won't go this weekend. I love theaters but don't like crazy crowded ones. The trailers are what has done it for me, although Chris Nolan and his marketing people do have a great way of putting information about a film out there. This has been building for awhile. These movies have been much darker than most superhero films, but still kept the magic of superhero genre alive. I have seen the trailer more times than I can count, and find it very creepy in some parts. The feeling they have been able to establish is the perfect aura following up the Joker in the last film. I am really happy that Avengers has done so well, but am excited to see what Batman's take will be.

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