Monday Morning Quarterback Part III

By BOP Staff

July 11, 2012

He'll be missed.

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Yes, we *do* watch movies here at Box Office Prophets.

Kim Hollis: Which movies have you watched recently and what are your thoughts?

Tim Briody: Ted is hilarious, with two awesome scenes not spoiled in the trailer or advertising that completely killed me.

Matthew Huntley: Agree with Tim that Ted is hilarious and a pleasant surprise overall (the special effects are especially impressive). I smell a sequel.

To Rome with Love is charming and it watches like a relaxing vacation. Not deep, but soothing.

The Amazing Spider-Man is good but not great, though certain aspects of it are on the verge of greatness.

Brave shines in its latter half. Definitely not top-notch Pixar, but it gets progressively inventive as it goes along and it's a step up from Cars 2 (I know, that's not saying much).


Max Braden: I'm still taking in most movies on DVD, but that will change now that we're in the second half of the year. I did go see Brave in theaters. I enjoyed it. It was nice, loved the hair, laughed a few times, and didn't find any fault with it, but it's not a Pixar movie I'll rave about like Toy Story. My brother, who saw it with me, complained the music was uninspired, and suggested they should have used Enya. Is a movie based in Scotland tainted by Irish music?

Movies I've seen on DVD:

Act of Valor - I didn't mind the stilted dialogue (though the guy who played Senior was excellent) so much as just the lack of excitement in the direction. The action sequences were good, but Hollywood productions like The Hunt for Red October and even Charlie Sheen's Navy SEALs from 1990 are more fun to watch.

The Grey - I was ready to dismiss this as a silly genre movie, but Liam Neeson really elevated it with an interesting character and great performance.

21 Jump Street - I don't expect this to be my favorite comedy of the year by any means, but it did get me to laugh a bunch. Tatum was a lot more lively in this than almost any of his other movies to date. The jock/nerd role reversals were great, as were some of the action movie tropes. Loved the drug deal shootout...dialogue...near the end.

Wrath of the Titans - Like the first Titans, this movie has great visuals for its big set pieces, but it's just a mess of a movie. I never cared if Prometheus Perseus succeeded or not, and I'd still grab the 1980's Titans over either of them. Plus, they made Rosamund Pike look (beautiful, obviously) ridiculous, which is a crime.

A Novel Romance - A direct-to-video title released earlier this year, interesting for only two reasons: Steve Guttenberg still does movies (he released his memoir a couple months ago. Did anyone notice?) and it costars the beautiful Milena Govich.

7 Below - Yet another crappy straight-to-video Val Kilmer movie, which I guess is more of a Ving Rhames movie (and has nothing to do about cold weather), about seven strangers who get caught in a haunted house and blah blah blah, featuring dialogue such as "Who the hell are you??" "I've been called many names through the centuries..." Don't watch this one. (It's a good thing I don't gamble with money like I do with Val Kilmer movies.)

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