Movie vs Reality: 127 Hours

By Felix Quinonez Jr.

May 22, 2012

Neeeeeeeever happened.

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Then there is the ex-girlfriend that the movie frames as “the one that got away.” Throughout his ordeal, Aron keeps flashing back to various stages of their relationship, realizing what a mistake he had made. At one point Aron actually imagines that he not only escapes but is reunited with his ex girlfriend. The fact is that Aron said he didn’t actually think about her while he was trapped in canyon.

After The Accident:

Although it’s not made explicitly clear, the movie seems to suggest that the rescue helicopter spotted Ralston by chance. In reality, Aron’s coworker became worried when Aron didn’t show up for work and notified the authorities. Aron’s mom found out that her son was missing when his boss called her. One of Aron’s friends helped her hack into Aron’s email account to look for clues regarding his whereabouts. Unfortunately this was unsuccessful and it was because Aron had used a credit card to buy groceries in Utah that the authorities began searching for him there.

The helicopter pilot eventually saw the Dutch woman and her son who had gone ahead while the husband stayed back with Aron. When Aron was finally rescued he was within a mile of his truck.


The Verdict

When the person the movie is based on describes it as “so factually accurate it is as close to a documentary as you can get and still be a drama,” it’s safe to say the director has done a good job. And Danny Boyle certainly did a great job not only telling Aron’s story but immersing the viewer in the canyon with Aron. Everything from his attention to detail to the way it is shot helps make 127 Hours a great film.

But as I mentioned before, there are some fabricated moments in the movie. And as great as the movie is, it almost feels like Boyle was too worried about losing the interest of his audience. In fact, the adventure that Aron has with the girls in the movie almost seems apologetic. It’s as if Boyle admits that not much will happen in the movie, so he threw in that bit to keeps audiences excited. In the movie, Aron’s flashbacks to his ex-girlfriend seem like an attempt to add a bit of a romantic element that audiences love.

In the end, those alterations do very little to alter the story and they do actually make the movie more entertaining. If you haven’t seen it yet, don’t let these very small details discourage you from checking it out. 127 Hours is a very powerful and moving film. It might be one person's tale of survival but thanks to the powerful direction of Danny Boyle and the Oscar worthy performance of James Franco it feels like we are going through this ordeal alongside Aron. When He is finally found by other climbers a rush of relief and euphoria rushes over the viewer as if we are being rescued, too.

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