Survivor: One World Recap - Finale Part I

Perception Is Not Always Reality

By Kim Hollis and David Mumpower

May 14, 2012

The face of evil (though not as evil as Colton).

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Previously on Survivor, Tarzan was (finally) eliminated from competition. With his exodus, the women had completed their systematic extermination of the men. What we have left is a first in the extended history of the series. The remaining five players are all female, making the finale an eventual judgment of which woman is worthiest of being champion. And we all know the correct answer is Kim. Here are the final power rankings for the 24th season.

1) Kim - This is probably the most dominant first season any contestant has had since at least J.T., if not Yul Kwon. Kim's training as a bridal boutique operator has accidentally shaped her into the perfect Survivor contestant for this season. Her ability to manipulate women while still getting them to like her is exemplary. Alicia was tricked into voting off one of her two allies last week, and the special education teacher did so in a capacity wherein she believed this was her choice. Kim has the ability to frame people in a way that causes the "criminal" to believe they actually committed the crime.

2) Chelsea - What helps Chelsea is that Kim herself has indicated to the other players that the two of them communicate on each decision. And the fact that the women touch each other a lot should be reason enough to indicate to others that they are tight knit. What hurts Chelsea is that she has not done enough to distinguish herself from Kim, leaving her to hope for a bitter jury that will choose an Anyone But Kim voting strategy.


3) Sabrina - Sabrina's position in this game exists on two levels. The first is from the early days of the game when the women were a disaster. Elected leader by her peers, Sabrina encouraged the other women to keep fighting in a game where anything can happen. She also gave Colton a hidden immunity idol, arguably the most important moment from the entire season. The five remaining players are there because of Sabrina. Voters with long memories will recognize this. Those with "What have you done for me lately?" attitudes are aware of the fact that Sabrina has the least power in her three player alliance. It is difficult to win in that scenario.

4) Alicia/Christina - We want to focus on the positives this season. With Tarzan's removal, there will not be a Philip/Coach in the finale, someone who is terrible at the game and does not belong at the final vote. We say that in assumption of the fact that Alicia and Christina are the two players voted out tonight. Yes, this is Survivor and nothing would shock us. Kim has not made any mistakes of note thus far, and we do not expect her to start tonight. As such, the two players who have no business winning the championship are likely to be eliminated. If either one does sneak into the final jury via the last immunity challenge or some unexpected skullduggery, they will not win. As such, this is poised to be one of the most satisfying conclusions in the history of Survivor. The best three players throughout the season will argue their case for season champion. And Kim will win. We hope.

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