The Amazing Race Season 20 Recap - Finale, Part Two

By Daron Aldridge

May 8, 2012

The million dollars probably delays the inevitable divorce by another 2-3 years.

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No dilly-dallying for us, because we immediately kick off the last leg of the Amazing Race as teams head to their final destination of Honolulu, Hawaii. Despite all the teams’ stated confidence that they will win, there can be only one winning team, so two sets of people will be disappointed.

At the airport, Rachel & Dave get the familiar news that they will be sharing the last flight of the race with the other teams. They didn’t think the producers would make it that easy for them, did they? Of course not, and we are spared watching the teams sleep on the 12-hour flight to Hawaii as well.

Out of the airport, Army of Two and Border Patrol have wisely dumped their clunky backpacks to make the racing a bit less cumbersome, whereas Big Brother seems to have kept theirs.

Dave finds a kindred spirit in their cabbie, who is also an Army veteran, and they convince him to lose Art & JJ’s cab behind them. For a team that complained extensively about Big Brother just following people (even as recently as the last leg in Japan), this seems hypocritical of Art & JJ. Rachel & Dave’s cabbie does ditch his tail and gets them to the tower destination first. The hiccup for Border Patrol is that neither they or their driver could figure out that the clue pointed them to the towers by referring to the builings by the 'names' given to them.

They pulled out all the stops on this challenge. Both team members are to use an ascender to bring themselves to the top of the tower, which is 45 stories tall. Then they have to spot their next destination and rappel face first back down.


Rachel & Dave are getting geared up and joined almost immediately by Big Brother. As they wonder aloud where Art & JJ are, they begin their ascent. As is the case with every season finale, it seems, a cabbie in the U.S. costs a team precious time and the race. It is still too early to say if that is Border Patrol’s fate but they are, in fact, lost with a clueless cabbie. At a hotel they get pointed to another incorrect location – a statue of a guy with a boogie board and seal on Waikiki Beach.

Army of Two gets to the top of the tower first and quickly spot the flags at a nearby park. The fact that Rachel & Dave are so far ahead of Big Brother and Border Patrol is signaling that my prediction was wrong. It is looking more and more like the married couple is the one that screws up and opens the door for Big Brother to win and me to be disappointed in the Amazing Race in consecutive seasons.

Oh yeah, Art & JJ are at the wrong spot and starting to break down. Luckily, they find the right person to point them to the towers.

Big Brother is at the roof and find the flags but aren’t sure how to get there. To illustrate how small the island of Oahu is…Rachel & Dave are getting into their car as Border Patrol is ripping open their clue. The distance between teams on this leg will be deceptively shorter than previous legs.

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