The Amazing Race Season 20 Recap - Finale, Part One

The Amazing Race Season 20 Recap - Finale, Part One

By Daron Aldridge

May 7, 2012

Moments later, they were cussing each other out.

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Team Justified’s likability and Kentucky fried good luck on the race finally ran out. That means we head into the finale with four teams that are proven unlikeable at some point (or various points) on the race. I know it’s a bad crop of teams when a friend of mine actually says that Big Brother is the team that bothers him the least. And he has seen Brendon & Rachel’s previous reality show "work."

So for the last time this season, let’s head into the final TWO legs not with power rankings but with my predictions of how it will all end.

Here it is in dramatic countdown listing. (Please note these are my PREDICTIONS and I am probably really wrong.)


  • Fourth place: Anti-Big Brother divorcees Vanessa & Ralph - This couple just simply doesn’t have the mental skills to win this race. They are strong enough (well, Ralph is) and for the most part, they work well together but they have made too many mental errors over the last ten legs for me to think they will get to the final mat. Unfortunately for them, they will be outdone by mortal enemies Big Brother.

  • Third place: Team Border Patrol Art & JJ - After giving it some thought this week, Art & JJ are the ones that I think will mess up the Roadblock task that prompts Phil from naming them the winners. They have been on a downward spiral on tasks for the last four weeks and I can see them being the ones that overlook a detail here. I’m sure that if that is the case, JJ will find a way to rationalize that it is someone else’s fault. So I pray that if they are the team that flubs the Roadblock that it was JJ’s Roadblock to mess up.

  • Second place: Big Brother’s Brendon & Rachel - If the new previews are to be believed then it’s Big Brother that screws up the Roadblock. I don’t believe the commercials. The producers wouldn’t telegraph that "surprise" in the ads... unless they did mess up but are still able to correct it and win. That would be disappointing because they simply haven’t raced as well as…

  • First place: Army of Two Rachel & Dave - Despite their contentious and volatile relationship, the team has a whopping six first place finishes to their name. How they make it work, I don’t know but I doubt the advertised expletive-laden outburst by Blonde Rachel will derail them on their path. They should be able to take home the $1 million price or rather split it in half and go their separate ways. I hope they find some matrimonial harmony, and maybe winning the Amazing Race is the way to achieve it.

Let’s close out season 20 as we get comfortable and settle in for the final two legs of the Amazing Race.

As has been the case so many times this season, Army of Two Blonde Rachel & Dave are the first to leave. Their destination? Hiroshima, Japan, and the Miyajima Island more specifically. Dave expresses that he does value their relationship and marriage as more important than winning or a million dollars. It’s very sweet sentiment but their competiveness and actions/words toward one another tell a different story.

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