By John Seal

April 23, 2012

Remind me who I'm supposed to shoot

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10:05 AM Encore Westerns
A Barrel Full of Dollars (1971 ITA-ESP): Spaghetti western fans, rejoice: here’s a rarely seen Euro-oater that’s never been released on Region 1 VHS or DVD. The great Klaus Kinski stars in A Barrel Full of Dollars as Hagen, leader of a group of bandits raising Hell down New Mexico way. When Hagen’s brothers are killed during a raid, he vows revenge against the responsible parties and sends right-hand man Tamayo (Hunt Powers) to take care of business, but hasn’t figured on the granite-jawed presence of former Confederate soldier George Hamilton (Jeff Cameron), who’s equally determined to take down Hagen’s gang. As low-budget as it is, the film is thoroughly enjoyable and it’s always a pleasure to see Kinski chew scenery.

3:30 PM Sundance
A Film With Me In It (2008 IRE): If you’re in the mood for a quirky Irish comedy with a touch of the meta, check out A Film with Me In It. Directed by Ian Fitzgibbon (Perrier’s Bounty, the best movie ever made about pistachios), it stars Mark Doherty and Dylan "Shaun of the Dead" Moran as a pair of aspiring filmmakers who find themselves working a series of unfortunate real-life deaths into their fictional screenplay. Look for a cameo from director Neil Jordan as one of the lads’ sniffy mentors.


7:30 PM The Movie Channel
Dark Fields (2009 USA): Nothing spells quality like the name "David Carradine." Well, John Carradine, Keith Carradine, and Robert Carradine all come pretty close, but you get my point. This gothic horror flick features the late David C. as Clive Jonis, a grizzled old farmer who digs up a cursed piece of millinery as it travels a deadly path through the ages. It’s neither the best nor the worst low budget horror flick you’ve ever seen, but it scores points for originality and Carradine is as good as ever. Also airs at 10:30 PM.

Sunday 4/29/12

11:00 PM Turner Classic Movies
Diary of a Chambermaid (1964 FRA): Jeanne Moreau stars as the titular household help in this surprisingly linear Luis Bunuel feature. Moreau plays Celestine, a maid starting a new position in the countryside after spending years working in Paris. Her employer, M. Monteil (Michel Piccoli), is a rabid horndog, whilst Madame (Francoise Lugagne) is a shopping junkie, but Celestine's real problem is gardener Joseph (Georges Geret), a hyper-nationalist bigot who can't stop ranting about Jews, immigrants, and other untermenschen. The film is decidedly unflashy by Bunuel's usual standards; it is, perhaps (and appropriately), a chamber piece about one woman and the adaptations she makes in order to survive. As such, it's much less immediately accessible than the director's usual visually striking efforts, and descends more from the tradition of Renoir than Dali.

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