Movie vs. Reality: Munich

By Felix Quinonez

April 4, 2012

Hey, look. It's the Hulk. I thought *you* were the Hulk.

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The Mission Introduction:
Avner is picked up at his house by some Israeli Government officials and taken to Prime Minister Golda Meir’s house. She talks to Avner and a couple of other people about how they must respond to the events that occurred at the Munich Olympics. Avner is asked to lead a secret mission but is not given any details. Avner is given one day to decide.

The Team:
The team has five members. Avner is the leader, Hans is in charge of forging documents, Robert makes the bombs, Steve is in charge of transportation, and Carl cleans up the scene of action.

The Kills:

First kill - Wael Zwaiter

The team’s first target was a Palestinian writer and translator living in Rome but Mossad believed he was deeply involved in planning the Munich incident. His name was Wael Zwaiter. The team did a thorough stakeout to get Zwaiter’s routine down. While he was across the street from his apartment building making a call, Avner and Robert waited for him. Once he came home, Avner and Robert approached him in apartment lobby from behind as he was about to enter the elevator. They asked him who he was then shot him.


Second Kill - Mahmoud Hamshiri

The second kill was done with a phone bomb. Robert pretended to be a reporter who wanted to interview Mahmoud Hamshiri and when he was out of the house, the team planted the bomb. The next day, when the wife and daughter have left, they call him. Once the team is sure it is him on the line, they detonate the bomb.

Third Kill - Abad al-Chir

The third target was a man Israel believed to be the head of Black September in Cyprus. He is killed by a bomb that the team places under his hotel room bed. Avner gets a room next to him so he can signal to his team when the target goes to bed. He does this by turning off the light. When the bomb goes off, it nearly kills the newlywed couple next door and Avner.

Fourth, fifth and sixth kills - Kamal Nasser, Mahmoud Yussuf Najjer, and Kemal Adwan

The team heads to Beirut to take part of a mission. They, along with another team, raid an apartment building. Some of the members of this other team dress up like women. They raid the apartment building and kill their targets one by one. As they are about to leave there is a big shoot outside of the building.

Seventh kill - Zaid Muchassi

The team planned to blow up Muchassi’s room with him in it. They had the room rigged and were going detonate the bomb from their car but the bomb didn’t go off. Because of this that Hans takes matters into his own hands. He grabs a bag of bombs and walks into the building. He goes up to Muchassi’s room and throws a bomb inside and closes the door behind him, killing Muchassi. After this they have to take a hotel employee who witnessed the murder with them.

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