Monday Morning Quarterback Part II

By BOP Staff

March 27, 2012

I know! I love The HUnger Games, too!

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Kim Hollis: Agree or disagree - Jennifer Lawrence will have a bigger career than Kristen Stewart. Which of the two actors (Josh Hutcherson or Liam Hemsworth) do you see getting a bigger boost from the film (or do you think that the rising tide of this box office triumph helps them both equally)?

Felix Quinonez: I think Jennifer Lawrence already has a bigger career than Kristen Stewart. I mean she already got an Oscar nomination and gave a great performance in X-Men: First Class before Hunger Games even came out. I know Hunger Games was going to be big regardless of who played Katniss but the fact that her performance is getting a lot of attention is definitely going to make her an even bigger star. In comparison, Stewart is pretty much just famous for being Twilight. No one really talks about her performance, so the fame she's gotten from Twilight hasn't translated into people going to see her in other roles. Outside of Twilight, Stewart hasn't had anything resembling a hit or given any memorable performance. I don't see Stewart having too much of a career outside of Twilight. I know she's got the Snow White movie coming out but unless she all of a sudden becomes a good actress it won't really help her career that much. As for the guys, I haven't seen the movie yet, but it seems like it's Jennifer Lawrence’s world and everybody else is just living in it. Because of that I'll say that they're both helped equally.


Edwin Davies: I think that Jennifer Lawrence will have a bigger career because she's already established herself as someone who can do great work out of the franchise that made her a superstar, which she undoubtedly is at this point. Kristen Stewart hadn't done much notable before Twilight, so she has become more identified with the role of Bella than I think Lawrence will be with Katniss. However, I'd disagree that Stewart hasn't done good work outside of Twilight; she was fantastic in Adventureland, The Runaways and Welcome To The Rileys, and she has the chance for awards recognition this year with On The Road. I don't think she will ever be in films that make the same amount of money as the Twilights have again, but I think that she has the potential for a decent career if she can build on the great work she has done in smaller films.

As for the men, I think that Josh Hutcherson gets a bigger boost because he's actually in a lot of The Hunger Games, whilst Liam Hemsworth is really just in the beginning. Since Peeta is a much more central figure in the first book/film, Hutcherson is on screen a lot more and has to anchor the film opposite Lawrence, so he has a greater chance of getting better roles in the future. However, since Gale has more to do in the subsequent films, I can see Hemsworth getting a significant boost further down the line.

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