The Amazing Race Recap

By Daron Aldridge

October 24, 2011

There's always Doublemint Gum commercials.

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Here’s my eight-word recap of last week’s episode: Another leg…another nonelimination…another undeserving team spared. Said team is of course twins Liz & Marie. Why were they in last place? Because they couldn’t arrange beach chairs and umbrellas faster than retired grandparents. Hence, the "undeserving" descriptor.

Based upon what they have shown us at this point, here’s how I’d rank the teams if this was the last leg:

  • Team Dude Andy & Tommy: Until further notice or undeniable epic collapse, our lovable snowboarders are the favorites. They have three straight first place finishes. If you disagree with this assessment, then you are likely watching a different show than me. Team Dude abides.

  • Bickering brother & sister Justin & Jennifer: Begrudgingly, I put these guys in second place. With so much hatefulness, I don’t understand how they finished so strongly last week. Maybe I underestimated the power of their mutual dislike and bitterness toward each other. That appears to be their fuel.

  • Engaged Ernie & Cindy: This Task Master Team has been smart for the most part. But their willy nilly boat excursion in the wrong direction last week surprisingly didn’t knock them down any notches. Despite being snuggly in fifth place, they are still sitting on the Express Pass (which I wonder if they forgot they have it) and they have shown they can race smart. They just may be a top three team.

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  • Married Amani & Marcus : While not performing well enough to merit a spot in the top three, our retired NFL player and his wife still have the potential with Amani really showing strength on the rock climb. Alas, their error last week in overlooking the sign pointing to the stadium/Pitstop doesn’t seem big but actually cost them two spots. Therefore, I have can’t put them in the top but I can place them in front of…

  • Team Regatta Laurence & Zac: These guys are killing with their mistakes. If I am getting this frustrated just watching, I can only imagine their stress levels. They’ve gone in the opposite direction to find new ways to mess up. Before it was the non-clue reading that cost them first place; and last week, they completely overthought the boat navigation. While their fourth place finish is still good, I fear they will continue their progressive slide to the bottom of the pack.

  • Team Test Drive dating couple Jeremy & Sandy: Jeremy proved that I shouldn’t have given him the benefit of the doubt on his jerky capacity. Angry and belittling aren’t the types of traits you want to display while on a reality show, you are using to "figure out" your relationship. I predict they will use the opening interview to say they will not fight but be at each other before getting their first clue. Unlike Justin & Jennifer, who have had a lifetime to make their animosity work for them, Jeremy & Sandy will likely just implode.

  • Grandparents Bill & Cathi: Just like Team Dude but the opposite. They survive only because other teams race worse. Until they show me more than they have thus far, Ma & Pa will either be ranked last or second to last, depending on who else is still racing, like…

  • Twins Liz & Marie: Based upon my introduction, this shouldn’t be shocking. I cannot in good conscience ever put a team spared by non-elimination anywhere but at or near the bottom of the rankings. They don’t deserve to be here, any more than I deserve to be there and hopefully, the Race will right last week’s wrong.

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